IOK Company Issues Statement About Appointing B.I As Executive Director And His Future Plans

IOK Company has shared a statement after former iKON member B.I was appointed as an executive director of the agency.

The company is home to celebrities including Jo In Sung, Go Hyun Jung, Lee Young Ja, Kim Sook, Jang Yoon Jung, Moon Hee Jun, and more. On September 28, it was announced via the company’s website that they had appointed six new executive directors, with B.I as the youngest among them, and two new non-executive directors.

On October 7, IOK Company issued the following statement about B.I’s appointment and his future plans:

Hello. This is IOK Company.

We are conveying our agency’s official statement regarding the appointment of B.I (Kim Han Bin) as an executive director.

Through an extraordinary general meeting on September 28, Kim Han Bin was newly appointed as an executive director.

IOK wanted to give another chance to a young and talented artist.

B.I was feeling a great burden at the idea of starting full activities at this moment in time and decided that it was also too early, so he continually rejected our offer. However, he was convinced after we asked him several times.

B.I’s appointment as an executive director is also part of our goal to fulfill corporate social responsibility.

B.I and the other executives and staff at IOK are well aware that some people remain critical about B.I’s past controversy.

However, as we think the situation is unfortunate considering B.I’s talents, our company plans to support him so that he can be active again as an upright member of society and to help him cultivate his talent so that he can demonstrate his abilities.

B.I has matured during his hiatus while regularly volunteering and donating.

B.I plans to start being active as a producer while continuing to spend time self-reflecting.

In terms of individual promotions such as solo work, we plan to consider this through discussion at a time when it’s judged that the public’s understanding and leniency are sufficient, and we are still not currently considering specific activities.

Finally, we earnestly ask you to look fondly upon B.I’s new start.

IOK will also wholeheartedly support B.I so that he can expand his talents and grow more.

Thank you.

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