8 Actresses Who Rocked Short Hairstyles In 2020

A lot of leading ladies in K-dramas have long, luscious flowing hair that can be swept up into an elegant ponytail in a matter of seconds. But 2020 has seen the rise of shorter, cute cuts! They can be sweet, or chic and cool, but overall they are a breath of fresh air. Check out eight actresses who looked amazing in short hairstyles in 2020 below!

1. Hwang Jung Eum – “To All the Guys Who Loved Me”

Hwang Jung Eum is no stranger to short hair, but this cropped style is perfection on her. The effortless look matches her personality in “To All the Guys Who Loved Me” and frames her beautiful bone structure. Hwang Jung Eum stars in the drama as Seo Hyeon Ju, an unlucky-in-love producer who ends up being torn between two men. With this adorable hair style, it’s no wonder she has two adorable suitors looking to win her heart! This even shorter style definitely needs to be a regular look for her.

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2. Jang Nara – “Oh My Baby”

This adorable cut only adds to Jang Nara’s cuteness in “Oh My Baby” where she stars as 39-year-old Jang Ha Ri. Jang Ha Ri is a self-confessed workaholic, so an easy to manage, short hairstyle is perfect for those fast-paced mornings. After years of pouring herself into her career, Jang Ha Ri realizes there’s one thing missing from her life… Not a boyfriend, but a baby! Deciding not to marry and just skipping ahead to wanting to have a baby, Jang Ha Ri’s story is one full of fun and cuteness. Plus Jang Nara never seems to age, and this hairstyle really brings out her youth!


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3. Han Ye Ri – “My Unfamiliar Family”

Han Ye Ri is stunning in “My Unfamiliar Family“! The length of her hair is gorgeous and compliments her charming face. Han Ye Ri portrays Kim Eun Hee, a middle child who’s family is growing apart. The distance between her and her family makes her wish for love and companionship, and when life begins to change, she realizes who is important to her the most. Han Ye Ri’s cut is simple and classic but feels so fresh and chic at the same time. Let’s hope that this look is here to stay.


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4. Lee Cho Hee – “Once Again”

Lee Cho Hee is always rocking shorter hair, but the color is what makes her stand out in this list! The golden tones are perfect for autumn, and the relaxed waves are everything. When it’s not curled, the chicness that radiates off of this cut is amazing. In “Once Again” Lee Cho Hee stars as Song Da Hee, the youngest of four children. This length really captures the essence of Da Hee, the sweet, youngest child who is starting to make her way in the world. Lee Cho Hee is so endearing in “Once Again” and this sweet but mature look really suits her!


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5. Shim Yi Young – “My Wonderful Life”

Shim Yi Young stars in this body swap drama and shows off a cute, bobbed look. Taking on the role of Park Bok Hee, a 30-year-old housewife who faces a lot of hardship, “My Wonderful Life” tells what happens when she swaps bodies with a rich young woman. She finds a new way of life and this look reflects that! The choppy bangs complete this style, and it delicately frames her innocent looking face, matching the character’s personality. This youthful hair style is faultless!

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6. Go Won Hee – “Eccentric! Chef Moon”

Go Won Hee is good at changing up her styles in dramas, but this sleek, wispy fringed bob is to die for! She stars as Yoo Yoo Jin, a fashion designer of haute couture in “Eccentric! Chef Moon,” and her hairstyle definitely fits the role. Yoo Yoo Jin ends up with amnesia in a countryside village where she encounters chef Moon Seung Mo (Eric). And this style holds up in both situations. As a badass designer, she looks perfect, but as an average woman, this cut is effortless and sweet. No stranger to short hair, Go Won Hee looks like a pure girl boss in her chic structured suits and equally cool hair style.

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7. Seo Hyun Jin – “Black Dog”

Seo Hyun Jin stars as devoted teacher Go Ha Neul in “Black Dog,” and her stylish bob looks very professional. When one of her school trips nearly ends in disaster, as a child, she vows to live her life in respect of the teacher who saved her life. Becoming a teacher herself, she wishes to make an impact on her students’ lives as well. Although her work outfit can make her look like a strict educator, her hairstyle adds a hint of cuteness and warmth to her aura.


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8. Lee Ruby – “Love Revolution”

Lee Ruby sports an immaculate middle part with a super dark bob in high school drama “Love Revolution.” A middle part can sometimes be difficult to pull off, but Lee Ruby does it with ease. She stars as Wang Ja Rim, who is known for being cold and mysterious but who catches the eye of Gong Ju Young (Park Ji Hoon). He is determined to melt her heart, no matter what it takes. A sassy short style like this is ideal for high school students who want to look cool at school.


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