Exclusive Interview: Weki Meki Talks About

Weki Meki has made their return with their fourth mini album “NEW RULES” and the title track “COOL”!

The girl group’s new album shares the message that they will make their own rules, which can be seen through their concept, music video, and lyrics. “COOL” is a confident and energetic song that is sure to capture your attention the moment you hear it.

Global Ki-Ling (Weki Meki’s fans) sent questions via Soompi’s Instagram Stories, and the members have responded! Check out their answers and exclusive photos below:

Who do you think suits this comeback concept the most?

Asked by @ghnarj_

Suyeon: Choi Yoojung – I think Yoojung is very good at making the right expressions and gestures that fit the song.

Elly: Sei – Sei’s unique and charming vocal tone can be heard well in this song.

Choi Yoojung: Lucy, Suyeon – The cool and chic feel that comes from their hair colors and auras really matches them well, so I chose Suyeon and Lucy.

Kim Doyeon: Lua – Lua’s new concept has gotten a chance to shine. And Lua’s last part where she says, “You know what’s up” fits her perfectly.

Sei: Suyeon – Suyeon’s husky and powerful voice shines in this song and fits it well.

Lua: Choi Yoojung – She has a rap part in the song, and it’s my favorite part. It was recorded very nicely, and it’s like her voice establishes the mood of the song.

Rina: Choi Yoojung – Yoojung’s rap and dance in “COOL” is very cool.

Lucy: Rina – I think her newly-dyed red hair suits her well. I kind of fell in love ^0^

What is your favorite B-side track from this album?

Asked by @dingdo.nim

Suyeon: I like “D-DAY” the most! The minimal background track makes our voices stand out more, so it’s a song you can listen to and focus on our voices.

Elly: The fourth track, “Just Us.”

Choi Yoojung: “Sweet Dreams.”

Kim Doyeon: “D-DAY.”

Sei: “D-DAY” – I had a feeling the other members would choose Suyeon’s song, so I chose this one. It’s an acoustic song, which I like, and it’s a song that’s nice to listen to in the morning and before going to bed.

Lua: “Sweet Dreams” – It’s a fairytale-like song that we’ve never tried before, so whenever I listen to the song, it feels new, and I get lured in like I’m listening to a story.

Rina: “D-DAY” and “Just Us.”

Lucy: Personally, I like “Sweet Dreams” the most.

What is your favorite part of the process of making a comeback?

Asked by @janmarcehurtado

Suyeon: I loved it when I first heard the demo for the title track. The song was so nice that I really enjoyed the entire comeback preparation process this time.

Elly: “COOL” is a song that emphasizes our synchronized choreography, and whenever I saw us dancing in sync during practice, I felt proud and excited.

Choi Yoojung: I prepared for this comeback with all of my energy as always, so that was nice.

Kim Doyeon: I remember liking all of the songs that were going to be included in the album.

Sei: I feel our teamwork getting better and better each time. Not only when we practice, but also in our daily lives! There were hardships as we were preparing, but we shared our feelings with each other and understood one another, so we were able to prepare well, and I liked that.

Lua: I liked trying on the outfits. I normally like trying clothes on, and I feel happy when I wear our new stage outfits and jump around happily with excitement.

Rina: I liked coordinating the details of the choreography.

Lucy: We recorded an English version for the first time with this album. It felt very new, and I liked that we could show more various sides of Weki Meki.

If you were given a chance to choose, which B-side track would you choose to be the title track?

Asked by @jr_daehee

Suyeon: I would choose “Stay with Me,” a B-side track on our debut album. Ki-Ling really liked our summer song “Tiki-Taka (99%),” and “Stay with Me” is also a very refreshing song, so I think Ki-Ling would really enjoy it if it were a title track.

Elly: The second track “Sweet Dreams” from this mini album, “NEW RULES.”

Choi Yoojung: “Sweet Dreams.”

Kim Doyeon: I think it would be “Sweet Dreams.”

Sei: “Iron Boy.” Both the song and the choreography are very impactful and nice.

Lua: I think “Iron Boy.” It’s a B-side track on our second mini album. It’s retro, yet sophisticated. The choreography also matches the song very well, so I always immerse myself into the song completely when I’m dancing to it.

Rina: “Stay with Me” comes to mind.

Lucy: “Sweet Dreams” from this album. It’ll allow us to show a vibe that’s different from that of the title track “COOL.” And I personally like it a lot.

During this pandemic, what do the members do at the dorm?

Asked by @ammour_

Suyeon: These days I’m into listening to music through a speaker at a low volume, so I frequently open the windows at home and listen to music while enjoying the fresh breeze.

Elly: I usually watch videos on YouTube.

Choi Yoojung: I draw at home!

Kim Doyeon: I eat delicious food while watching a movie or binge-watching a program I enjoy.

Sei: I try to read a lot of books. I’m also watching dramas.

Lua: I’m spending the life of a homebody at our dorm as I search for and listen to music or look for nice restaurants that deliver.

Rina: I spend time watching Netflix or YouTube or reading or drawing.

Lucy: I think I like to spend time watching films or dramas.

Which artist would you like to collaborate with?

Asked by @rebootvini

Suyeon: I would like to work with Sunwoo Jung Ah. I’m currently into her song “Run With Me,” but all of her songs including this one are all great and nice, so I would like to try working with Sungwoo Jung Ah.

Elly: I’d like to try collaborating with 109.

Choi Yoojung: I’m curious about a Weki Meki unit album.

Kim Doyeon: If given the chance, I’d like to work with Paul Kim.

Sei: I’m listening to a lot of songs by George these days. I’d like to collaborate with George.

Lua: Chungha. Whenever she makes a comeback, I always watch all of her performances and music videos. Her confidence and attitude on stage are so cool. It would be great if we could perform on the same stage one day.

Rina: I would like to collaborate with Cherry B.

Lucy: I don’t think I’ve ever thought of one specific artist, but I would like for the chance to collaborate with someone to come.

Favorite K-drama series?

Asked by @carlaaa_m_

Suyeon:Fight My Way.” I actually didn’t watch this drama when it was airing and only got to watch it recently. It’s a drama that made me realize that a drama can be so sweet.

Elly: I like “Beauty Inside.”

Choi Yoojung: I like “I Hear Your Voice” the most.

Kim Doyeon: I like “Search: WWW,” “My Mister,” and “It’s Okay, That’s Love.”

Sei: It changes each time, but the drama I enjoyed watching the most in my whole life was “High Kick Through the Roof.”

Lua: I enjoy movies more than dramas, so I haven’t watched very many drams these days, but I remember enjoying “The Moon Embracing the Sun.”

Rina: “Mr. Sunshine” and “Hospital Playlist.”

Lucy: “Mr. Sunshine,” which I’m watching currently. Everyone around me is asking me why I’m only watching it now. They’re right. Why am I only watching it now? I’m almost done watching it, but I’m planning on rewatching it!

What are your go-to late night snacks?

Asked by @irisso9

Suyeon: Chapagetti (instant noodle version of Korean black bean sauce noodle). When I was little, I used to get scolded for only eating Chapagetti and not an actual meal, but even as a grown-up, Chapagetti tastes so good. Haha.

Elly: Chicken!

Choi Yoojung: Eel is the best.

Kim Doyeon: I choose malatang.

Sei: I don’t eat late night snacks very often. Herb tea is probably the best late night snack, isn’t it…? Haha. But sometimes, I do feel like having chicken feet or beef intestines. Or ice cream!

Lua: Ice cream. The ice cream I eat after a late night practice session is the yummiest. I usually eat the refreshing types.

Rina: My favorite late night snack is chicken.

Lucy: I don’t really think of chicken or pizza much. As a late night snack, I usually eat rice-based dishes or ice cream.

What’s your favorite thing about being Weki Meki?

Asked by @doyeonsheart

Suyeon: Being able to do cool performances. And having funny, nice, and cute younger sisters.

Elly: Being able to be with the members.

Choi Yoojung: Having someone to share the things I find entertaining or nice.

Kim Doyeon: Creating a nice bond with the members.

Sei: I just like Weki Meki in and of itself. I like that it’s our members, and I like that it’s Ki-Ling. There’s no specific reason. I like it for what it is.

Lua: I like that every member treats each another with sincerity and that we’re always honest with one another.

Rina: I like being Weki Meki because it’s Weki Meki.

Lucy: The first best thing about being Weki Meki is being able to be with these great people. I like that most, and I feel so blessed. I’m happy that I can say I have eight older sisters. The Ki-Ling♥ I met as a member of Weki Meki, our staff at the company, and all of the people who are joining us, I feel very blessed to have everyone. (:

Any comments to international fans?

Asked by @seonshine7

Suyeon: Due to the situation, we can’t directly meet international Ki-Ling, but we really would like to. Since we can’t meet, we’ll communicate more on social media, so don’t be too disappointed. I hope the situation improves soon so that we can perform in front of Ki-Ling. Don’t get sick, and take good care of your health! Love you, Ki-Ling.

Elly: Though we can’t see each other from close up yet, thank you for cheering us on from far away, and I really miss you.

Choi Yoojung: I hope the day comes soon when we can see each other face to face and smile together. I want to make Ki-Ling laugh and show you great performances. Until then, don’t get sick and eat well. Let’s all hang in there. Fighting!!!!

Kim Doyeon: I’m so sad that we can’t go abroad, and I miss you. Though we can’t meet directly, I’m always thinking of you. Let’s meet when the situation gets better!

Sei: It’s been so long since we’ve seen our international Ki-Ling that I dream about going to overseas fan meetings or events and meeting Ki-Ling. Whenever we met global Ki-Ling, I knew those were really special and precious moments, but these days, I’m realizing just how lovely and valuable those times were. But I’m happy that we’re making three whole comebacks this year and making a good impression on Ki-Ling. Let’s meet in good health! I really love you!!!

Lua: International Ki-Ling~ Thank you for always sending us warm love and support. Seeing your letters and messages of support makes it feel like Ki-Ling are next to me. I love you more and more~

Rina: Thank you for supporting us from afar! I hope the day we meet comes soon! Please look forward to our album!

Lucy: Hello international Ki-Ling♥, Weki Meki is back with a song called “COOL.” I’m happy to be able to return with a new song so soon, and this time, there’s an English version of “COOL” in the album as well, so I hope you like it! I’m really thankful to the global Ki-Ling who joined us for the video fan sign events during our last comeback even though you’re far away and had to join at a late time. Please keep an eye on our comeback this time. Thank you (:

Watch Weki Meki’s “COOL” music video below!

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