“When I Was The Most Beautiful” Episode Ending Scenes Have Audience Hanging On For More

MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “When I was the Most Beautiful” is captivating viewers with its intense plot and dramatic twists.

The heartbreaking story unravels as a woman named Oh Ye Ji (Im Soo Hyang) is caught in a love triangle with two brothers, Seo Jin and Seo Hwan (Ha Seok Jin and Ji Soo). As the tension continues to build, the ending scenes of each episode are getting more attention. Five of them have been chosen to represent five themes.


1. Romance – Im Soo Hyang and Ha Seok Jin’s moonlit sea dive (Episode 2)

Seo Jin (Ha Seok Jin) honestly expressed his feelings for Oh Ye Ji (Im Soo Hyang). He made small but sure gestures like giving her his number in case of any accidents and leaving alcohol on her fence for sleepless nights. In particular, he took her on a moonlit ocean dive saying, “Let’s have another first experience.” Seo Jin gave Oh Ye Ji a taste of the thrill that comes with being spontaneous, and the two relished in romance.

2. Heartache – Im Soo Hyang and Ji Soo’s embrace (Episode 6)

Oh Ye Ji was left to deal with Seo Jin’s disappearance, her mom’s release from prison, and her mother-in-law suspecting an affair. In the midst of all her troubles, she took off for Jeju Island, a place that held her happy memories with Seo Jin. Her abrupt departure led Seo Hwan (Ji Soo) to leave the United States and come after her in worry. Eventually, the two were reunited in a touching scene. Their tight and comforting hug seemed to wash over the three years they spent apart.

3. Butterflies – Ji Soo’s confession (Episode 7)

Seo Hwan’s feelings towards Oh Ye Ji continued on for three years until he became an adult. But after deciding to let her go, he told her that she had better leave the home they were sharing. This deepened the conflict between the two, but Seo Hwan grew increasingly frustrated at her for not realizing his true intentions. He ended up admitting his feelings for her, saying that he had missed her so much and that he couldn’t hold back anymore. His heartfelt confession was enough to give everyone butterflies.

4. Shock – Ha Seok Jin’s return (Episode 9)

Everyone assumed Seo Jin had passed away, so his sudden return seven years later shocked them all. When Oh Ye Ji came to see him, he was taken aback and locked the door in response. To this, she cried, “Are you inside? It’s me, Ye Ji. Your wife is here.” In the midst of increasing tension, the door finally opened. At the sight of Seo Jin in a wheelchair, Oh Ye Ji continued to sob, asking if this was the reason he hadn’t come back all this time.

5. Tension – Hwang Seung Eon’s return (Episode 11)

Viewers were shocked by the fact that Seo Jin’s former girlfriend, Carrie Jung (Hwang Seung Eon), had been the one that helped him stay under the radar and recover. But Seo Jin avoided all her efforts to get into contact. Carrie Jung eventually came to him herself and claimed that she had come to take him with her, in front of his entire family. Thus began her quest to reclaim him for herself.

As the truth behind Seo Jin’s seven-year disappearance comes to surface, how will the dynamic between the four main characters change? Episodes air every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:20 p.m. KST.

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