11 K-Pop Idol Recipes To Satisfy Your Late-Night Cravings

K-pop idols may be well known for their rigorous workout routines and intense diet plans, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know a thing or two about delicious, often carb-heavy, eating as well. While these mouthwatering recipes shared by idols aren’t exactly ideal for those who are health conscious and/or watching their weight, they are sure to fill you up and satisfy your next late-night craving. Best of all, most of them require few ingredients and are quick to make.

UP10TION’s Sunyoul – Chicken spicy rice cakes

What better way to kick off this list than with a slightly upgraded version of spicy rice cakes (tteokbokki)? Though rice cakes are great on their own — thanks to their soft, chewy texture that is impossible to resist — Sunyoul’s addition of chicken gives this classic comfort food an extra bit of flair. Sunyoul also offers a lot of great tips throughout the cooking process, so even if it’s your first time attempting this dish, follow his lead and it’ll be a piece of (rice) cake.

Apink’s Namjoo – Spicy stir-fried pork wrap pizza

This recipe is a unique fusion dish created by Namjoo as part of a meal prep kit, which takes the cheesy, chewy goodness of a pizza and wraps it up as part of a spicy stir-fried pork wrap. Sadly, this meal kit is no longer available, but I’m sure it’d be possible to create a decent approximation of this meal just using the list of ingredients from the video below. So go ahead and give this recipe a try; you never know, your own version might be even better than the pre-packaged one!

ZE:A’s Kwanghee – “Kwangtos”

This snack, which was a go-to favorite of Kwanghee’s when he was a trainee, is quick, easy, and perhaps most importantly, very cheap. On top of being incredibly affordable, it’s a great way to use up some leftover Cheetos, chips, or other crunchy snacks that have gone stale, avoiding food waste and breathing new life into otherwise undesirable snacks. Kwanghee recommends intentionally leaving your Cheetos open for a day — letting them absorb moisture — in order to give this dish a deeper flavor and a more interesting texture.

NCT’s Chenle – Special ramyun

If you’re a fan of instant ramyun, then you’re probably familiar with adding extras like eggs and cheese, but have you tried adding tomatoes? How about Lao Gan Ma (a Chinese chili sauce)? This upgraded ramyun recipe calls for both, creating an interesting flavor that, according to Jisung, is shockingly good. Another recommendation from Chenle is to try mixing your egg throughout the soup, as opposed to leaving it whole, though either way is fine. He insists that being exact is important in order to get the taste just right, so be sure to measure your water accurately!

Lee Ga Eun & Heo Yun Jin – Egg bun

If you’ve ever been to Korea, then you’ve likely come across this slightly sweet, slightly savory street snack, which features an egg atop beautifully golden brown bread. Since this version requires only a microwave, not an oven, the resulting egg buns aren’t quite as picture perfect as those made in mini loaf pans, but they are tasty nevertheless. Be sure to follow Ga Eun and Yun Jin’s tip for preventing the egg from bursting in the microwave, lest you wind up with a mess on your hands.

VAV’s St. Van – Egg toast

Although egg buns are delicious, sometimes one’s midnight craving requires something a little more substantial, so here’s another recipe that marries eggs and bread in an even more delectable, filling way. Similar to an egg bun, this toasted egg sandwich is both savory and a little sweet. It also has a hint of spiciness, thanks to the use of a homemade chili sauce. Naturally, you can add any additional sandwich fixings you want as well, but I’m a fan of St. Van’s recipe as is.

GOT7’s Mark – “Mark Meal”

Is there really any way to go wrong with cup ramyun, spicy rice cakes (tteokbokki), sausage, and cheese? Technically, this recipe was made by an Ahgase, but given the number of times that Mark has recreated it on TV, it’s safe to say that this quick, affordable, and downright mouthwatering twist on convenience store ramyun is Mark-approved. As an added bonus, the video below showcases Mark and Youngjae’s joint Ahgase menu as well, which is like a creamier version of the Mark Meal that also incorporates dumplings.

The Boyz’s Q – “Chic City Guy’s Noodles”

At this point, you might be groaning at seeing a third ramyun recipe in a single article. Fear not, however, for Q’s recipe is truly a gamechanger. This recipe is especially good for people who can’t handle spicy foods or are looking to really elevate their instant ramyun game. While this dish is still far from healthy, the use of fresh ingredients like cherry tomatoes and cabbage does make it feel a bit lighter and cleaner than other instant ramyun meals.

Lee Hyori – “Bad Girl Pizza”

What’s that? You have a bit of a sweet tooth, you say? Well you’re in luck, as Lee Hyori’s “Bad Girl Pizza” is perfect as both a standalone snack and as a follow-up to a more savory midnight snack. Who can say no to a crispy, warm tortilla covered with crunchy peanut butter, fresh bananas, and melted chocolate? As with any pizza, you can add your own favorite toppings to this dish, or you can follow Hyori’s advice and top your pizza with slivered almonds and mozzarella cheese to round out this devilishly sweet treat.

WEi’s Kim Dong Han – Chocolate bubble tea

This isn’t exactly a snack, but doesn’t a refreshing bubble tea sound like the perfect addition to your Mark Meal, egg bun, or whatever your late-night craving may be? While Dong Han’s recipe is for chocolate bubble tea specifically, these days, you can buy a wide variety of milk tea powder flavors such as taro, honeydew, and peach, so be sure to shop around to find the flavor that best suits your taste.

CLC’s Eunbin – Jack Skellington

This Halloween “recipe” is almost more of a trick than a treat, seeing as Eunbin talks about using her great-grandmother’s 150-year-old jam and a knife that was owned by a vampire. Still, with Halloween coming up, it’s worth sharing. Besides, the real names of the ingredients (spoiler: the 150-year-old jam is actually cookie butter spread) should be pretty obvious as you watch Eunbin make her Jack Skellington masterpiece. Perhaps this recipe will even inspire you to come up with your own spooky dessert!

Which idol recipes sound tastiest to you, and which ones have you tried?

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