Hyolyn Opens Up About Her Dating Style And Hopes For The Future

In a recent interview and pictorial for The Star magazine, Hyolyn spoke candidly about her approach to love and her goals as a singer.

When asked about her choice to incorporate choreography into her performances of her recent ballad “9LIVES,” Hyolyn explained, “If up until now, I’d conveyed emotions and a story through my voice alone, ‘9LIVES’ was a song in which I wanted to tell a little more of Hyolyn’s story.”

“In order to be able to express emotions with my fingers and even my toes, I chose to dance barefoot for the song,” she continued, “and that aspect of the performance is particularly important.”

As for the most memorable moment of her career, Hyolyn shared, “My first solo concert stands out the most in my memory. It was a dream that I’d wanted to achieve for a really long time, and it was a time when I could really show everything that I’d worked hard to prepare up until then, without feeling pressured by time constraints.”

Hyolyn went on to reveal that when she falls in love, she’s the type to be forward about it and express her feelings.

“I’m the type to just go for it,” she said. “I pretend to be cool, but I’m not cool at all [when it comes to love]. I also want to be really respectful and understanding of the person I love. The more time that passes, the more I find myself wanting to express my love.”

Finally, when asked what she thought she’d be doing 10 years from now, Hyolyn replied, “I think I’ll still be singing.”

She added, “I received this same question 10 years ago, and I also predicted back then that I’d still be singing. Now that 10 years have passed and I’m really still singing, I hope that I’ll still be able to sing 10 years from now as well.”

Take a walk down memory lane by watching Hyolyn in “Dream High 2” below!

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