Exclusive: “Missing: The Other Side” Lead Actors Dish On Acting In Fantasy Thriller, Mood On Set, And More

If you’re feeling sad that OCN’s “Missing: The Other Side” is already over, we’ve got something for you!

“Missing: The Other Side” is a mystery-fantasy drama about a conman named Kim Wook (Go Soo) who stumbles across a village inhabited by the souls of the dead who went missing while they were alive. He teams up with a mysterious guardian (Heo Joon Ho) to uncover the village’s dark secrets and put the souls of the missing to rest. A member of Kim Wook’s team, Lee Jong Ah (Ahn So Hee) is a civil servant by day and a brilliant hacker by night.

Go Soo, Ahn So Hee and Heo Joon answered some of Viki and Soompi’s questions about how it felt to act in “Missing: The Other Side,” working with each other, their personal preferences, and much more. Read on to find out what they said!

What was the most difficult part about playing your role? Was there anything you had to pay special attention to as you were acting?

Go Soo: The character Kim Wook has the special ability to see souls. It was harder than I thought to show the process in which he comes to accept that what he sees in front of him are souls and not things that exist physically. Kim Wook meets various people and is at the center of those characters, so I thought that his communication with and reactions to those characters were important. That’s why I focused on my reactions to the other characters as I was acting. I had to react to the stories of each of the characters, so you’ll be able to see Kim Wook’s humane side.

Ahn So Hee: There isn’t much information on hackers, so I looked for shows about hacking or videos and lectures about it to study for my role as a hacker. Jong Ah is also good at games in addition to dealing with the computer. There’s a scene where she plays PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds at an internet café, so I went to an internet café nearby to practice and searched for videos of gamers.

Heo Joon Ho: Because I’m speaking to and dealing with souls, which I’ve never seen or experienced, every scene is difficult. I’m relying completely on the writer’s script and the director’s direction to create the scenes. I was most worried about whether I’d be able to create a bond of sympathy with the viewers.

While filming, when did you feel the most proud?

Go Soo: I feel proud when the filming set is operating well. When the set is enjoyable and fun, as I focus on my character in each scene, I sometimes get the feeling that I’m “riding” on the role. Not only the actors, but also the staff accumulate positive energy. As time passes, we trust and rely on one another more, so the filming and the post-production turns out even better than I had imagined. That makes me feel proud.

Ahn So Hee: Whenever someone tells me that Jong Ah making her appearance makes the set brighter and more fresh both on and off camera, I feel thankful and proud.

Heo Joon Ho: Because I’m an actor, it’s when I get a clear “okay” sign [from the director] on set. It’s the same for this drama.

Is there anything new you learned about your co-stars while working with them?

Go Soo: It’s not something new I learned, but all of us who have different values, have come together and are creating synergy. I’m meeting a lot of actors for the first time through this project, like Song Geon Hee, Seo Eun Soo, and Ha Jun. At first, they might have felt uncomfortable because I’m a senior in acting, but now, they approach me comfortably and like me, so I like that.

Ahn So Hee: I felt once more that whenever Go Soo approaches acting or thinks about others, he’s very sensitive and considerate.

Heo Joon Ho: I’m so honored to have met all of the actors in “Missing.” Everyone is so nice and hard-working that I head to the filming set in a good mood every day.

What other role in the drama would you like to try out?

Go Soo: I’d like to try playing the cafe owner role. Like the line in a poem that goes, “Love is to spare time for someone,” I’d like to be a cafe owner like Thomas Cha, providing a comfortable space to people and sparing my time for them.

Ahn So Hee: I want to try the role of a con artist because it would allow me to experience various kinds of professions and show my many sides.

Heo Joon Ho: I like my character Jang Pan Seok the most. I don’t want any other role.

If the ability to see souls existed, would you want it or would you pretend it didn’t exist?

Go Soo: Pretend it didn’t exist.

Ahn So Hee: Pretend it didn’t exist.

Heo Joon Ho: I don’t know.

If you could change the past, would you change it or not?

Go Soo: I would not change it.

Ahn So Hee: I would change it.

Heo Joon Ho: I would not change it.

Latte vs. Americano

Go Soo: Americano.

Ahn So Hee: Americano.

Heo Joon Ho: That’s a hard one….

What is your favorite English word?

Go Soo: Air.

Ahn So Hee: Love.

Heo Joon Ho: Jesus.

Where would you like to travel to?

Go Soo: Taiwan.

Ahn So Hee: New York.

Heo Joon Ho: The situation is not good now, so I can’t think of any place. Haha.

Please share a message to the drama’s global fans!

Go Soo: The many actors and staff members of our drama came together and worked hard on it. I hope you find consolation as well as laughter through the drama and relax as you enjoy it. Thank you.

Ahn So Hee: I’m excited to finally greet you with a new drama, and I’m happy to be part of a project that brings smiles and warmth to viewers during a difficult time. Please enjoy it comfortably.

Heo Joon Ho: Take care of your health. I believe the coronavirus will go away soon. When you’re bored at home, please pass time with “Missing.” It’ll be fun. ^^

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