K-Drama GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up 2020

As we inch towards the winter season, we can’t help but be reminded of the interesting and yet agonizing year that was 2020. Most of us are already over it and are ready to ring in 2021 in hopes that it will have more to offer. So let’s say so long to 2020 a bit early and in K-drama fashion with these oh so relevant GIFs.

The beginning of the year

You first hear about some sort of new virus going around and you doubt the legitimacy of it:

Spring of 2020

Then there’s news that there is indeed a pandemic and that we should all stay indoors:

At first, not being able to see your friends/fam is not that bad:

All we can do is snack:

…and snack:

…and snack some more:

This pandemic should be over in no time! I can do this!

But then weeks pass:

and months:

People are really starting to miss their family and friends:

On top of the pandemic there’s natural disasters, injustice, fires, and tragic deaths:

Everyone is feeling heartbroken, helpless, and anxious.

Summer of 2020

Finally, people are allowed to see loved ones and it’s like a dream come true:

We appreciate the people we love that much more!

Fall 2020

But then there’s the wretched second wave of the pandemic:

And we’re REALLY not happy about it:

The year isn’t over and neither is the pandemic, but there is hope that 2021 will be better.

Goodbye 2020, we’re over you!

Hey Soompiers, how was your 2020? Let me know in the comments below!

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