Jun So Min Opens Up About Searching For True Happiness

On the August 19 episode of KBS Joy’s “Ask Anything,” Jun So Min appeared as a guest alongside Choi Jung Won.

In the show, hosts Lee Soo Geun and Seo Jang Hoon dress up as fortune tellers and give advice to their celebrity guests.

When asked what she’s concerned about these days, Jun So Min explained, “These days, I think a lot about happiness. Early this year, my health was very poor. After recovering, I began to think that I needed to rethink what exactly it means to live a happy life.”

She continued, “It’s nice to work busily, but because time flies by so chaotically, I’m not able to feel any personal emotions. At the same time, living in a relaxed way produces no results. Maintaining this balance is difficult and I wonder which side I need to place more focus on to be happy.”

Choi Jung Won chimed in to say, “What surprises me about So Min having these concerns is that she’s always so bright and is always talking about good news. She’s also someone who’s always with alcohol.” Jun So Min immediately exclaimed with a laugh, “I drink because it’s hard!”

She added, “Alcohol is like an anesthetic. In that moment, I’m truly so happy. I end up drinking often because it makes time go by so quickly.”

In response, Seo Jang Hoon shared, “What matters is how you spend that happy moment. You can feel happy in that moment, relieving stress and chatting with others, and then work hard the next day. What I’m saying is to fully enjoy yourself in moments that make you happy.”

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