Woollim Issues Stern Warning To Fans After Golden Child’s TAG Injures His Ankle

Woollim Entertainment has released an official statement regarding Golden Child’s TAG and his ankle injury.

On October 20, Woollim Entertainment revealed that TAG had injured his ankle a couple of days prior on his way to an event.

In addition to announcing that TAG would be remaining seated for Golden Child’s future performances on music shows, the agency issued a stern warning about fans’ disorderly behavior. Woollim Entertainment mentioned that fans had not been “remaining orderly” at many of the group’s recent events, even going so far as to curse at the staff, and warned that anyone who engaged in disorderly conduct would be barred from future Golden Child events.

Woollim Entertainment’s full statement is as follows:

We are making an announcement regarding TAG’s injury.

On his way to the video-call fan signing event that took place on October 18, due to certain individuals blocking his path with methods including the direct use of a strobe (flashing) light, a situation occurred in which Golden Child member TAG injured his ankle.

Immediately after the incident, TAG received emergency first aid treatment, and following the conclusion of the scheduled event, he went to the hospital for examination and treatment, where he received a diagnosis of ligament damage.

As the health of our artists is our top priority, we will make efforts to ensure TAG’s speedy recovery.

TAG’s current condition requires that he minimize the use of his ankle, and he needs plenty of rest.

However, out of respect for TAG’s wishes and determination to perform on stage, we have decided that starting with SBS MTV’s “The Show” on October 20, TAG will remain seated during Golden Child’s music show performances. We apologize to [Golden Child’s] many fans for giving you cause for concern through this sudden news of his injury.

We sincerely thank all of the many fans who love Golden Child, and we would also like to make the following entreaty.

At present, fans have not been remaining orderly at many of Golden Child’s events. In order to prevent accidents from occurring in these kinds of situations, our staff has continuously made requests and attempted to restrain [disorderly fans], but their attempts were ignored, and our staff was even cursed at. In the end, we have even gotten to a situation in which a Golden Child member has been injured.

In order to protect the health and safety of the Golden Child members, we will be strengthening our rules on fan club etiquette and notifying you of the new guidelines. Additionally, if anyone engages in disorderly conduct within the fan club in the future, we will be removing them from all Golden Child-related fan club activities without warning.

We ask that all of the fans show us their respectful, considerate, and orderly sides in the future.

Thank you.

We hope that TAG makes a speedy recovery!

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