9 K-Pop Birthday Songs To Help You Reflect On What's Next To Come

Birthdays constitute milestones in our lives. With every year, there are so many things to reflect on: habits to leave behind, decisions to be made, life goals, and so on. Basically, birthdays can be our own personal new year.

Birthdays have also been the topic of many K-pop songs, each representing the artist’s perspective of either their passing or upcoming year, and sometimes a mix of both. Here is a selection of songs that can guide you in your own birthday reflection.

1. Jeon Somi – “Birthday”

“New birthday, new me” is one of the most common birthday mindsets, and Somi knows a thing or two about it. According to her, feeling reborn, free, and being a completely updated version of yourself is something to keep in mind as you celebrate your merry day.

2. iKON – “B-Day”

iKON definitely knows how to be young, wild, and free. Through this jam, the group sends a message saying that as you get older, you must make the most of your youth and live a little, even if this means being carefree at times. This advice from the boys is to keep in mind at all times. After all, you only live once!

3. IU – “Twenty-Three”

IU is famous for birthday songs that she releases in celebration of her newly-achieved milestones every year or so. This one hits deep because she not only addresses the existential crisis many find themselves in as they get in touch with reality, but she also speaks from a personal point of view about what she faced at the age of 23.

4. NU’EST – “Happy Birthday”

Sometimes, the best thing we can be appreciative of is ourselves. NU’EST addresses it in their song through the eyes of the people surrounding the birthday person and heartwarmingly celebrating their existence. Self-love and self-appreciation should be practiced every day of the year, but one should definitely max out on this practice on their birthdays.

5. B.A.P – “Happy Birthday”

Aging is an inevitable realization that hits us every single year. Through this song, B.A.P makes you think about growing old with your loved ones. They also highlight how heartwarming it is to have someone by your side as you add another candle to your birthday cake every year.

6. NCT U – “Make A Wish (Birthday Song)”

Remember the wish you make before you blow out your birthday candles? Sometimes that wish is a dream you want so bad that you’ll do whatever it takes to see it through. NCT U encourages you to leave your comfort zone and reach a better place.

7. Jay Park feat. Ugly Duck, Woodie Gochild, Hoodie – “Birthday” (Remix)

Being the life of the party, Jay Park and the gang are here to tell you that your birthday is a checkpoint in life that allows you to switch the worry button off and appreciate all the good things such as family, friends, and even hard work that pays off. Moreover, you need to enjoy the present moment and get ready to kickstart a new day tomorrow.

8. Rain – “30SEXY”

Youngsters often think that hitting 30 means their youth is over. What they don’t know is that being 30 is just an age, not a statement. Rain definitely knows how to be 30, fresh, and young in this jam.

9. Epik High – “Happy Birthday To Me”

Epik High always makes us reflect on the tiniest details. In this track, they highlight how many things change with age, including parting ways with acquaintances and feeling insecure about one’s existence. They also point out that even birthday celebrations are not the same every year.

Which birthday song speaks to you most? Let us know in the comments below.

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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