gugudan’s Kim Sejeong Is A Classic “Girl Crush” Character In New OCN Drama

The upcoming OCN drama “The Uncanny Counter” has released new stills of gugudan’s Kim Sejeong!

Based on the webtoon of the same name, “The Uncanny Counter” is about demon hunters called “Counters” who come to Earth and disguise themselves as employees at a noodle restaurant in order to capture evil spirits.

Jo Byeong Gyu plays So Moon, the youngest of the Counters. Yoo Joon Sang plays Ga Mo Tak, the strongest of the Counters. gugudan’s Kim Sejeong plays Do Ha Na, the “human radar” of the Counters, who has the ability to sense the presence of demons. Yeom Hye Ran plays Choo Mae Ok, the healer and strategist of the Counters.

In the new stills, Kim Sejeong gets into character as the tough and action-oriented Do Ha Na. Not only can she sense the presence of demons, but she has psychometry powers that give her the ability to read people’s memories within seconds. Because memory loss can occur if another Counter touches her, she also surrounds herself with an impenetrable charisma. She also acts as a mentor figure to So Moon, who is the newest of the Counters.

A source from OCN stated, “Kim Sejeong will show the biggest transformation of her career since her debut. She is known for her ‘loveliness,’ but she is giving her all in challenging the role of Do Ha Na, who hides a passionate sense of justice under a cynical exterior.”

The drama also shared stills of Yoo Joon Sang as Ga Mo Tak, a Counter with superhuman strength who cannot be defeated in a physical fight. He has been a Counter for seven years, and in the new stills, he shows off his toned physique. A source from the drama stated, “The production staff were impressed by Yoo Joon Sang’s dedication to the work required to become Ga Mo Tak. His 25 years of acting experience shine through the character of Ga Mo Tak.”

“The Uncanny Counter” premieres sometime in November.

Check out Kim Sejeong in “School 2017” below!

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