Ji Soo Talks About Working With Im Soo Hyang In “When I Was The Most Beautiful,” Future Goals, And More

Ji Soo sat down to discuss his role in MBC’s “When I Was the Most Beautiful,” working with his co-stars, and more in a recent interview!

“When I Was the Most Beautiful” tells the story of a woman named Oh Ye Ji (Im Soo Hyang) who is caught in a love triangle with two brothers, Seo Jin and Seo Hwan (Ha Seok Jin and Ji Soo).

Ji Soo shared his thoughts on how he had interpreted the drama, which ended recently. “They say the drama is about the love between a sister-in-law and an unmarried brother, but I personally don’t view it that way,” he began. “I think the perspective that the woman I love has become my sister-in-law is very important. That’s why the first four episodes of the drama build the story of how Seo Hwan had no choice but to fall in love with Oh Ye Ji.”

He mentioned that the parts of the drama that took place on Jeju Island were originally supposed to be filmed in the United States. “It was difficult to film overseas due to COVID-19, so we changed it to fit with the times,” he explained.

Ji Soo went on to talk about the relationship between Seo Hwan and Oh Ye Ji. “Originally, there was a scene where they kissed sitting in Central Park,” he shared. “However, as we changed the script, Seo Hwan’s love for Oh Ye Ji became more detailed and platonic.”

On working with his co-stars, Ji Soo said, “The chemistry with Im Soo Hyang, Ha Seok Jin, and Hwang Seung Eon was great. Im Soo Hyang and Ha Seok Jin are experts, and they were great at acting. Thanks to them, I had no trouble getting into character and feeling the emotions.”

He continued, “I learned a lot from watching them in the drama. In real life, I tried to mess around, and they took care of me really well since I’m the youngest.” Ji Soo added that the four actors had met up recently.

Ji Soo then admitted that filming the drama wasn’t always easy. “The mood couldn’t always be bright on set,” he said. “In the first four episodes, going on set felt therapeutic for me. As I got to see the green trees, I felt like I was becoming pure, and the air was nice too. But as we went on, I started getting exhausted.”

He explained, “The further I got into the drama, the more scenes I had where I needed stronger emotions. The staff members started getting tired too. But once we stopped filming, the actors tried to let go and mess around comfortably, and that’s how we depended on each other.”

As for his future goals, Ji Soo mentioned that he wants to try out musicals and variety shows where he can travel overseas. If he could choose other cast members to join him, he said he would choose his closest friend Nam Joo Hyuk. He then shared his hopes as an actor. “I want to try a character who’s a genius,” he said. “Those kinds of characters are appealing to me.”

He continued, “I’m not a genius myself, so I want to at least become one onscreen. If possible, I’d like to try new projects before I’m no longer in my 20s. It’s a very basic thing, but I want to have about three projects that people will remember for a long time. That could take me 10 years to achieve.”

Ji Soo concluded, “I hope I can become a good actor. It’s pretty cliché, but I think that’s a goal all actors can identify with.”

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