MONSTA X’s Shownu And Joohoney Talk About Their Approach To New Album, How The Pandemic Has Changed Their Lifestyles, And More

Shownu and Joohoney of MONSTA X talked about their upcoming album with Esquire magazine!

The two stars headed straight to their photo shoot with Esquire right after performing at SBS’s “2020 SUPER ON:TACT,” meaning their interview began around midnight. When asked what they’re typically doing at this hour, Joohoney responded, “This is usually the time I’m working on music. If I stay up late to work, there are times when I’m up until 4 a.m. and there are times when I stay up all night.”

Shownu shared, “Between midnight and 1 a.m., I’m at our practice room planning out what I have to do the next day. Even if there’s nothing special, I still schedule what I need to do the next day. Then I sleep right away. I try to sleep before 2 a.m. at the latest.”

MONSTA X are set to make their first full group comeback in about half a year. The pair talked about their preparations, with Shownu commenting, “I feel pretty lighthearted about this comeback compared to our other ones. In the past, we prepared intensely while dripping sweat and exercising for physical strength, but this time we’ve let loose a bit and it’s more like, ‘We’re just going to do a comeback!'”

Joohoney added, “Looking back, we were honestly so focused on results with every comeback. We had a lot of concerns, wondering why our songs weren’t charting high compared to the amount of effort we put in, but it’s different now. The meaning of this upcoming album is to show ourselves in our own style so I’m extremely excited.”

The interviewer talked about how involved Joohoney has been in the production of MONSTA X albums since their debut and asked whether one of his b-sides would be in their upcoming release. He answered, “Yes. I can’t tell you the details yet but it was perfected after I edited it about 200 times.” With a laugh, he added, “I fixed it and fixed it again to the point where I don’t even want to hear it anymore.”

Joohoney elaborated, “I really wanted to capture the sound well. I worked really hard on it, listening to it with earphones, in the car, and even on a friend’s expensive, high quality speakers. I wanted to do anything I could to make a good song. I’m confident that it’s a cool song that only MONSTA X can make.”

They also talked about the changes that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to their lives, discussing how it’s affected each of their lifestyles. Shownu commented, “At the beginning, everything I was doing was put on pause so I unintentionally got a lot of time to rest. Thankfully, I had a lot of fitness equipment at our practice room so I was able to work out without going to the fitness center. At our practice room, I was also able to work on myself while singing and dancing.”

“As I got more time to rest, I also got to thinking about this and that,” Shownu continued. “Since our world is changing so quickly, I thought that I shouldn’t complain and should adjust. I also thought that this could become an opportunity. There’s a saying that a crisis can become an opportunity. In this situation, I’ve also been able to reflect on my role as an entertainer. I became determined to become an artist who shares joy with even more people.”

Joohoney agreed, adding, “Like Shownu said, I became more determined to work harder. I began to think that I needed to focus this time on myself and create something that I could use later. Although our lives have comparably become more dull, I think my inner self is stronger. As I got to rest and focus on myself, I think I was able to very seriously reflect on what I needed most.”

Lastly, the pair discussed what small things give them happiness these days. Joohoney shared, “Before I go to bed, I like looking up lectures like TEDTalks on YouTube.” Shownu gave an adorably different answer, commenting with a laugh, “This is really small, but I get so happy when I walk into our dorm and there’s food.”

You can check out MONSTA X’s Shownu and Joohoney’s full interview and photo shoot in the November issue of Esquire. MONSTA X are currently gearing up to make their return on November 2 with their third full-length album “Fatal Love.”

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