Hwang Jung Min, Girls’ Generation’s YoonA, And More Gather For 1st Script Reading Of Upcoming JTBC Office Drama

JTBC has released photos from the first script reading of Hwang Jung Min and Girls’ Generation’s YoonA’s upcoming drama!

The Friday-Saturday drama “Hush” is about the everyday struggles and ethical dilemmas of newspaper reporters and is based on the novel “Silence Warning” (literal title).

At the recent script reading, producing director Choi Gyu Shik was joined by writer Kim Jung Min and actors Hwang Jung Min, YoonA, Son Byung Ho, Kim Won Hae, Park Ho San, Lee Seung Joon, Yoo Sun, Kim Jae Chul, Kyung Soo Jin, Jung Joon Won, and more.

Before they began, Choi Gyu Shik commented, “It’s an honor to work on this project with such a good script and such good actors. This project conveys a sincere message. I want to create a fun drama that is warm and down-to-earth.”

Hwang Jung Min plays Han Joon Hyuk, a veteran reporter who spends more time playing pool than doing his work. Although he was passionate about his work at one point, the harsh reality of the industry cooled his passion. YoonA plays Lee Ji Soo, a bold and competitive intern reporter who does not hesitate to say what needs to be said. The two stars are said to already have incredible chemistry as their characters must constantly butt heads to help one another become more vigilant and mature.

Son Byung Ho portrays Na Sung Won, the editor-in-chief of news company Daily Korea. As someone who must be obedient to the owner while strictly overseeing his employees, Na Sung Won is a character whose true personality is unknown.

Within Daily Korea is their digital news office where employees are “exiled” to. The team leader of team two is played by Kim Won Hae. His character Jung Se Joon is a senior reporter who hates the internet and loves the smell of ink on newspapers. Director Uhm Sung Han is played by Park Ho San, who works tirelessly towards a promotion.

Kim Ki Ha, the team leader of the digital news office’s first team is played by Lee Seung Joon. Kim Ki Ha is an original member of the digital news office, as he was demoted as soon as the office was created. He is a character who only cares about his own survival and is completely uninterested in the affairs of others.

Yoo Sun plays Yang Yoon Kyung, Daily Korea’s deputy director of social affairs. Nicknamed “Captain Yang,” Yang Yoon Kyung is aloof but passionate, as well as Han Joon Hyuk’s mentor and best friend.

The mysterious owner of Daily Korea is played by Kim Jae Chul, who hides a secret behind his bright smile. Kyung Soo Jin portrays the relatable character Oh Soo Yeon, who has come from the countryside and has only been able to work internships. Lastly, Jung Joon Won will play city desk reporter Choi Kyung Woo.

The producers of “Hush” shared, “It was a script reading with not a single boring moment. This is a project that sincerely shows the humanity of reporters who are constantly met with obstacles and waver. This realistic story of reporters will have you laughing a lot, before making your heart warm as you relate to them.”

JTBC’s “Hush” airs after “More Than Friends” on December 11 at 11 p.m. KST.

Watch “More Than Friends” with English subtitles below!

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