Joo Won And Kim Hee Sun Face Off In A Terrifying Situation As “Alice” Moves Toward Finale

The twists and turns in SBS’s “Alice” are getting more intense as the drama heads into its final two episodes.

“Alice” is about a detective named Park Jin Gyeom (Joo Won) who gets involved in the world of time travel when he searches for the truth behind his mother’s murder and encounters a genius physicist named Yoon Tae Yi (Kim Hee Sun) who looks exactly like her.


In episode 14, Yoon Tae Yi realized after a DNA test that the man who tried to strangle her and who killed Park Sun Young (also played by Kim Hee Sun) in 2010 was Park Jin Gyeom. She deduced it must have been a Park Jin Gyeom from a different timeline and told her own Park Jin Gyeom about what she found.

However, Park Jin Gyeom’s gaze changed the moment that she told him, and in a shocking twist, pulled out a knife. At the same time, the scene shifted back to the 2010 murder when a mysterious black-hooded figure killed Park Sun Young.

The new stills focus on the aftermath of the shocking ending of episode 14. Park Jin Gyeom moves in with the knife without hesitation, absolute coldness in his eyes. The Park Jin Gyeom who worried about Yoon Tae Yi and cried in front of her is gone without a trace. Yoon Tae Yi looks terrified, but her fear is mixed in with sadness more than surprise.

Just as the 2010 Park Sun Young had done, Yoon Tae Yi might have noticed the change in Park Jin Gyeom first. However, out of a desire to make things right and to save him, she told him of the DNA test results. Although she might have known about the sad fate that awaited, she still approached Park Jin Gyeom to try and do the right thing.

Will Park Jin Gyeom kill Yoon Tae Yi? Will she end up dying like her 2010 counterpart, Park Sun Young? Is Park Jin Gyeom the true destroyer of time travel that was predicted in the prophecy?

The next episode of “Alice” will air on October 23 at 10 p.m. KST.

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