TXT’s Imaginative “Blue Hour” MV Has MOAs In Love: Here Are Some Of The Best Twitter Reactions

TXT’s fans MOA are head over heels for their comeback MV!

On October 26, the group returned with their mini album “minisode1: Blue Hour,” which features the title track “Blue Hour.” Their fans have tweeted to celebrate and share how amazed they are by the new music video!

Each of the members shows off their talent and charm in the captivating MV and catchy track.

And no one could blame you for wanting to loop these great parts over and over!

TXT really served some amazing looks in the music video.

And the sets and aesthetics also made many jaws drop.

Some moments really brought the feels…

And we can’t forget the cameo by an adorable squirrel!

Overall, MOA is loving this comeback!

What do you think about “Blue Hour”?

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