WINNER’s Kang Seung Yoon Avoids Eye Contact With Lee Se Young In “Kairos”

MBC has shared a new look at Lee Se Young and WINNER’s Kang Seung Yoon in new drama “Kairos.”

“Kairos” is a “time-crossing fantasy thriller” about the interconnected fates of Kim Seo Jin (played by Shin Sung Rok), a man who falls into despair after his daughter is kidnapped, and Han Ae Ri (Lee Se Young), a woman who is searching for her missing mother. From Kim Seo Jin’s perspective, Han Ae Ri is living exactly one month in the past -but after the two miraculously communicate from their different times, they set out on a thrilling quest to save their missing loved ones.

In the drama, Kang Seung Yoon plays Im Geon Wook, Han Ae Ri’s longtime best friend, who is always ready to rush to her aid. Despite their constant bickering, the loyal Im Geon Wook worries more about Han Ae Ri than anyone in her life and consistently takes good care of her.


The first episode showed a glimpse of Han Ae Ri working hard at a convenience store to pay for her mother’s heart transplant surgery. However, her mother’s health suddenly deteriorated, and Han Ae Ri became helplessly driven into a corner. Im Geon Wook proved he was her close friend by staying with her through thick and thin.

However, in the upcoming episode, it seems like Im Geon Wook isn’t always going to do everything for her. In the new stills, the two friends meet in a dark alley. Han Ae Ri gazes at him with a mournful look, but Im Geon Wook refuses to look at her. On top of that, his face is covered with bruises, making viewers curious about what happened to him.

Han Ae Ri hands mysterious documents to Im Geon Wook and asks him to do something for her. However, he avoids her eyes and presses his lips together in silence. In the next episode, the plot will take several unexpected twists with the disappearance of her mother and the betrayal of a trusted character.

The next episode of “Kairos” will air on October 27 at 9:20 p.m. KST.

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