Rainbow Reunites To Celebrate Jisook’s Upcoming Wedding + Ailee, Naeun, And More Show Love

Rainbow got together ahead of Jisook‘s upcoming wedding!

On October 29, Jisook revealed on Instagram that all seven members of Rainbow recently gathered to celebrate her upcoming marriage to Lee Doo Hee.

Posting a series of adorable pictures from their photo shoot together, Jisook wrote, “I love you,” “ROYGBIV,” “My fellow members are really the best,” and “I can always depend on them, and they’re also pretty to boot.”

Shortly afterwards, several of Jisook’s celebrity friends responded with admiring comments. Ailee affectionately wrote, “You’re all so beautiful. Our Jisook is also so, so, so, so beautiful.”

APRIL’s Naeun commented, “Oh my goodness… Such a beautiful bride,” while former Jewelry member Yewon wrote, “So pretty…”

Shin Jae Hyuk also commented, “Noona!! You look so pretty.”

Check out Jisook’s cute photos of Rainbow below!

Jisook will be tying the knot with Lee Doo Hee in a small private ceremony on October 31.

Watch the couple on the reality show “Don’t Be Jealous” below!

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