Park Eun Bin On Learning Violin For “Do You Like Brahms?”, Her Philosophy On Choosing Projects, And More

Following the recent conclusion of “Do You Like Brahms?”, Park Eun Bin sat down for an interview with Vogue magazine!

The actress spoke about her experience personally playing the violin for her role as Chae Song Ah in “Do You Like Brahms?”. She explained that while she did try out the instrument as a child, she had to specifically re-learn the violin for the drama. Park Eun Bin revealed, “At first, we tried a computer graphic (CG) test, but it was impossible to place it so close to the face.” With a laugh she added, “As soon as I learned that, my skills rapidly improved.”

After only three months of practice, Park Eun Bin began filming. Despite the difficulties of playing the violin herself, she shared, “It was exciting at first to play the role of a violinist and I wanted to do well, since I was doing it anyway. Also, there was a time when I lost focus watching another project because I realized the actor was not personally playing the instrument.”

She also spoke about her sweet chemistry with co-star Kim Min Jae and explained the scene that made her heart flutter too. “It was episode six,” she shared. “It wasn’t that I meant to confess my feelings but after seeing his face, everything just came out uncontrollably. I had my hand on my chest and I could feel my heart beating.”

Park Eun Bin made her debut in the entertainment industry as a young child and now boasts an impressive filmography. She explained, “When I was younger, the person who wanted me to do this work was not my parents, but myself. That’s why I had to do everything I could to succeed.”

She continued, “However, I’m really introverted. At one point, I felt so confused looking at people my age who really enjoyed acting and were extremely energetic and great at making friends. But a senior actor told me that personalities like mine could actually contain so much more and was actually the force that could result in better acting. I gained the belief that I could transform the emotions I couldn’t express into my acting and was able to overcome hardships with this in mind. I occasionally think about what if would’ve been like if I was naturally born a good actor but I think I had no choice but to work hard in my own way.”

Regarding her philosophy of focusing on the process over the results, Park Eun Bin explained, “Both ‘Stove League‘ and ‘Do You Like Brahms?’ were projects I wanted to do, regardless of the results. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve done projects in the past that haven’t done well so I’ve become more calm, but to me the process is important. Even if the results are good, I might not be satisfied. Even if it doesn’t do well, there are also projects that I can think upon fondly. When I do a project, I have the hope that it gifts meaning to someone else. In the future, I’ll probably pick projects I want to do, but I will also consider what kind of influence it will pose onto viewers.”

While acting, Park Eun Bin also elaborated on her tendency to classify herself. She explained, “When I’m acting, I’m also looking at myself act out a life that isn’t mine. For example, I’ll think, ‘Song Ah is a character who can make a facial expression like that.'”

She continued, “While I act, I try not to think, ‘What would Park Eun Bin do?’ If I think, ‘Park Eun Bin wouldn’t have done this,’ then I’m unable to immerse into my role. That’s how I can easily make the differentiation of ‘This is not Park Eun Bin, but rather Song Ah’s facial expression.'”

As her personal “secondary character,” Park Eun Bin chose her role as Song Ji Won in “Age of Youth.” The actress shared with a laugh, “When I was acting, she was such an opposite character [to me] that I was really shy at the beginning, wondering why she was like that. However, after two years and two seasons, we became much closer and more comfortable. As Park Eun Bin, I have a lot of embarrassing moments. When I’m embarrassed and want to run away, I think that I’m turning on my Song Ji Won mode and I feel like I’m suddenly gaining confidence.”

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