Former College Friends Jun So Min And Han Ji Eun Talk About Their Past On

On the November 1 episode of SBS’s “Running Man,” So Yi Hyun, Choi Yeo Jin, Han Ji Eun, and Lee Joo Bin appeared as guests as the cast headed to Jeju Island.

During introductions, Choi Yeo Jin and Song Ji Hyo talked about working on the drama “Emergency Couple” together. Asked what Song Ji Hyo was like on set, Choi Yeo Jin said without hesitation, “She slept a lot. But the amazing thing was that when she woke up, she was ready to act right away.”

Next, it was revealed that Jun So Min and Han Ji Eun had been classmates in university together. Asked about what Jun So Min had been like in college, Han Ji Eun hesitated and said, “I don’t know.” Jun So Min said, “I had an active school life, but it’s strange. I have memories of Han Ji Eun, but they’re not very clear.”

While trying to remember, she said, “There’s something that doesn’t feel quite right.” Han Ji Eun, startled, said, “About me?” Jun So Min added, “I think that there was a guy mixed up with our friends. Not Ji Eun herself, but between her friend and me.”

Asked for her side of the story, Han Ji Eun said, “This is my first time on a variety show, so I’m not sure what I’m supposed to say.” However, she added, “I remember that there was something called the ‘blind date dream team.'” Jun So Min suddenly exclaimed, “I remember!”, which made Han Ji Eun nervous and said, “What? What do you remember? Tell me first.”

Jun So Min eventually revealed, “Remember how I said before that I was on a group blind date and I worked hard as the mood-maker, but someone else got all the contact information? That was Han Ji Eun.”

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