Update: Celebrities Mourn The Passing Of Park Ji Sun

Updated November 5 KST:

Many more of comedian Park Ji Sun’s friends and colleagues have written to express their sorrow after her passing.

Actress Lee Yoon Ji posted on Instagram to show how she had marked her close friend Park Ji Sun’s birthday, which was on November 3. Saying that she was in tears, Lee Yoon Ji wrote to Park Ji Sun that her husband had bought a birthday cake on his way home from work. The cake is decorated with the character Pengsoo, which Park Ji Sun was a fan of. Lee Yoon Ji wrote, “I’ll blow out the candles for you. You’re watching, right?”

On November 4, Lee Yoon Ji shared a photo of a card and wrote in her Instagram caption, “I’ve been saving this card for a few years, did I ever show it to you? It’s so beautiful, right? I can’t believe I’m writing on it to you like this. Still, it’s such a perfect fit that I wonder if I might have been saving it for today. My friend Ji Sun. Don’t show it to anyone, I put it in that place so only you will see it. I even used some curse words, like we usually would. You’ll reply, right? Please do so, even if it’s in a dream.”

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몇년동안이나 아껴둔 카든데 보여준적있나? 너무이쁘지? 이걸 너한테 이렇게 쓰다니. 그래도 오늘을 위해 아꼈나싶게 어울린다. 내친구 지선아. 아무도보여주지말고 너만 보게 그곳에 넣어뒀어. 원래의우리처럼 욕도좀 섞었다. 답장 줄꺼지?꿈에서라도 부탁해.

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Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun wrote in her Instagram stories, “Ji Sun, who was such a warm and great person.. When I was on my way to see you and on my way back after seeing you, it still didn’t feel real that I won’t be able to meet you again.. My heart aches so much because I couldn’t understand how you were feeling and how much you were suffering.. I’ll keep praying that you will rest in peace in that place and won’t hurt anymore.. I will always remember the beautiful comedian Park Ji Sun who sincerely did her best in everything.”

Actor Go Kyung Pyo shared a photo of Park Ji Sun on Instagram and wrote, “May she rest in peace.. Thank you for making me laugh a lot. I felt happy thanks to you. Please be happy in that place.”

Comedian Kim Young Chul expressed his sorrow over the loss of Park Ji Sun, who had been a regular guest on his radio show “Kim Young Chul’s Power FM.” On the show on November 3, he said, “There was such shocking and sad news yesterday. I don’t believe it.”

“She was a junior that I really cherished and loved,” he continued. “Park Ji Sun, who said that she was the happiest when she made others laugh, passed away suddenly.” With requests coming in from listeners who wanted to hear her voice, the radio show played clips of Park Ji Sun during the broadcast.

Kim Young Chul wrote on his Instagram, “Ah Ji Sun, Ji Sun, what should I do!! You kindly worked with me for three years on the radio show, you were never late at such an early hour of the morning, you did such a good job, and I’m grateful. Perfect Ji Sun, ah.. I hope that you will be completely free of pain in that place.” He ended the post by saying, “I will always remember you as the most fun, clever, and special junior.”

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지선아~ 8월중순 그렇게 아파보였는데.. 낫고 보자고 꼭 낫고 보자고했는데…… 많이 아프고 힘들었지? 오늘 아버지가 나를 보자말자 안고 우시고 그리고 너의 오빠도 내 손을 잡으면서 울고 두분이 정말 하염없이 우는데 손을 꼭 잡으면서 내가 할수 있는게 없어서 미치겠더라고. 자꾸 카톡 들어오면 너 생일이 떠 있어~ ㅠ 우리 아마 오늘 쯤이면 성광이 영진이 민경이 나미 소영이등등 단톡방에 생일축하한다고 보내고 “야 우리 언제봐?” 누군가가 바쁜척 하면 또 누구 놀리고 그렇게 했을텐데…… 아 지선아 지선아 어떡해!! ㅠ 늘 이른시간 성실하게 이른아침 늦지않고 라디오에 3년동안 함께 해주었던거 정말 고생했고 고마워~ 버릴거 1도 없던 지선아, 음.. 거기서는 진짜 아프지말고 고통없이 있길바래~ 떡볶이코트입고 폴로셔츠입고 라디오 문을 열고 선배니임~ 하고 들어올거 같아~ 누구보다도 잘 따랐던 후배 지선이 젤 재밌고 똑똑하고 특별했던 후배로 영원히 기억할게~

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Pianist and composter Yiruma replied to Kim Young Chul’s post to say, “Rest in peace, Ji Sun.. I laughed a lot and felt happy thanks to you… Thank you.”

Comedian and singer Shin Bo Ra posted photos on Instagram of herself with Park Ji Sun, asking why Park Ji Sun had caused everyone heartache after leaving behind only such warm memories. “I miss you a lot,” she wrote. “I was always grateful. I won’t forget you. I love you. The person I always wanted to hug, the person who would hug me first. The cool comedian Park Ji Sun.”

Actress Uhm Ji Won wrote on Instagram, “I had an interview with her just one time. Our meeting lasted only a moment, but it was clear that she was a smart, cheerful, and warm person. I’ll remember the laughter you gave us and your good energy.”

Red Velvet’s Yeri shared the following post in her Instagram stories on November 3:

After hearing the sudden and sad news of her passing, I spent all day working hard to push away my sadness. Then I opened up my photo album and looked through it from start to finish. I realized once again that I’ve met so many people, and in that moment I felt grateful for all my relationships while reflecting about the reason that I keep living on for another day. But I want to live in a world that it’s a bit brighter. Maybe that’s something that starts with my own effort too. I wish that everyone lived in a world full of love.”

Actress Kim Go Eun shared a photo on Instagram of Park Ji Sun from a press conference for Kim Go Eun’s 2018 film “Sunset in My Hometown.”

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Singer Baek A Yeon wrote on Instagram, “May she rest in peace.”

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삼가 고인의 명복을 빕니다

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Actress Baek Jin Hee wrote on Instagram, “She was such a warm, kind, and good person.. Even when we met for the first time in a long while, she was always the same as ever.. My heart aches.. I’ll pray that you rest in peace in heaven..”

Singer-songwriter Yoon Jong Shin wrote, “Ji Sun. I’m grateful for our talks and the time we spent together, although it wasn’t long. I’ll pray that you’re at peace. Farewell.”

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Former After School member Kahi posted to say, “You’ve become a star, Ji Sun….. you must definitely…. rest in peace……..”

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별이 되었구나 지선씨…… 꼭…. 편히 쉬어야 해요……..

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Original Article:

Following the passing of Park Ji Sun and her mother on November 2, many celebrities have posted on social media to express their sorrow.

SHINee’s Key shared two photos on Instagram, one including SHINee with Park Ji Sun and another on the set of “Amazing Saturday.” Park Ji Sun was a fan of the group and they had a close connection over their careers.

Key wrote, “Noona [term for an older female friend or sister], I’m always grateful. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to express it with all my heart. I’ll pray that you’re able to rest in peace now.”

Super Junior’s Leeteuk posted photos on Instagram that include Park Ji Sun, himself, and fellow group members Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun from a radio show.

Leeteuk wrote, “May she rest in peace. It’s an upsetting and sad reality that it seems that there are now more and more numbers in my phone where even if I called, it would go unanswered. I pray that you will be happy and healthy in that place.”

2PM’s Junho posted on Instagram to say, “May she rest in peace.” Junho and Park Ji Sun sang together as competitors on “The King of Mask Singer” in 2017.

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삼가 고인의 명복을 빕니다…

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HaHa expressed on Twitter that he felt stunned and wrote, “Go to a good place, Ji Sun.. Why.. You were our hope..”

CIX wrote on Twitter, “We were truly, sincerely grateful every time we saw you. Rest in peace.”

U-KISS’s Soohyun tweeted to say, “I’ve heard news that I don’t want to believe… My heart aches so much. I could never forget the way you always smiled whenever we met. Rest in peace.”

Comedian Kim Ji Min wrote on Instagram:

We met as a senior and junior in the industry and then we were friends of the same age..
We’d laugh as we talked about each other’s charms rather than our flaws, and we’d cry as we laughed. Even that was a small source of happiness, and I miss our times together so much that my heart aches..
Ji Sun.. Ji Sun.. The ‘1’ [indicator that a message has not been read] on KakaoTalk isn’t going away so.. I’m writing this post..
If you’re still here, please read this post..
I’m sorry that I couldn’t see you one more time.
I’m sorry for asking how you were sometimes as an excuse for the time passing.
Ji Sun, you’re someone who is truly loved.
So I hope that you won’t leave feeling lonely and will fill your heart with all of our love for you as you go..
Have all the talks with your mother that you hadn’t before.. and enjoy all the happiness that you hadn’t experienced in that place every day.
I love you, Ji Sun.

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선후배로 만나 동갑친구로 지내면서.. 서로의 허물보단 서로의 매력을 얘기하느라 웃고 웃느라 눈물도 찔끔보이고, 그것조차 소소한행복으로 느꼈던 너와의 시간들이 가슴이 시리도록 그립고 아프다.. 지선아.. 지선아.. 카톡의 1이 없어지질않아..이렇게 글을쓰고 있네.. 아직 이곳에 있다면 이글좀 꼭 읽어줘.. 한번더 살펴보지 못해서 미안해 세월의 핑계로 가끔 안부 물어서 미안해.. 지선아 넌 정말 사랑받고있는 여자야 그러니 외롭게 쓸쓸히 떠나지말고 너에대한 우리 모두의 사랑을 가슴한가득 채워서 가길바랄게.. 어머니와 못나눈 얘기도 다하고.. 못다한 행복도 그곳에선 매일 누리며살아 사랑해 지선아

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Hip hop artist Hyun Jin Young posted a photo of Park Ji Sun on Instagram and wrote, “Ji Sun, you’d always greet me in a welcoming way by saying ‘Ah, hello oppa [term for an older male friend or brother]’ whenever we saw each other by chance. You said you really liked my song ‘Sad Mannequin,’ and I vividly remember how you sang while doing the rabbit dance and didn’t get any of the lyrics wrong. I’m so shocked that I don’t know what I should say… Ji Sun, I’m filled with sorrow and my heart aches… Why… Please be at peace in heaven…”

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어쩌다 마주치면 아구 오빠 안녕하세요 하며 반갑게 인사하던 지선이 내 노래 “슬픈마네킹”을 너무 좋아한다며 가사하나 틀리지않고 토끼춤을 추며 노래하던 너의 모습이 생생하구나. 너무나 놀라 무슨 말을 어떻게 해야 할지… 지선아 비통하고 가슴이 너무 아프다… 왜… 부디 하늘나라에서 편안하길…

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Actress Park Ha Sun wrote on Instagram, “I became a fan after reading your writing, and it was so great to be able to act with you in ‘High Kick.’ The woman that I saw up close was such a cool actress. Please rest in peace there.. You were such a kind and good person so my heart aches so much.”

Comedian Shin Jung Hwan wrote on an image on Instagram, “I remember you as a cheerful, pure, and thoughtful person. I hope that you will enjoy all the happiness there that you hadn’t experienced yet.”

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Host and TV personality Jang Sung Kyu wrote on Instagram, “While I never met you, there were many times when I had fun as a viewer thanks to you. I often heard that you were a great person… My heart aches at this unbelievable news… May the late Park Ji Sun and her mother rest in peace.”

Singer Na Yoon Kwan wrote on Instagram, “Ji Sun, who was always so cheerful and kindly liked my songs.. I’m so upset that I didn’t get to see you often.. Don’t be in pain there.. I hope that you’ll smile so brightly. Rest in peace.”

Several live broadcasts and releases have also been postponed or canceled in respect after Park Ji Sun and her mother’s passing.

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