Watch: Lee Je Hoon And Shin Hye Sun Embark On A Tomb Raid In Trailer For Upcoming Heist Film

Lee Je Hoon and Shin Hye Sun’s upcoming film “Collectors” has released a new trailer and preview stills!

“Collectors” is a heist film about genius grave robber Kang Dong Goo (Lee Je Hoon) who digs up relics hidden beneath the ground with the nation’s experts. Along with Kang Dong Goo, the team includes Professor Johns (Jo Woo Jin), an expert in excavating murals in ancient tombs; Chief Yoon (Shin Hye Sun), an elite curator in the ancient art world; and Sapdari (Im Won Hee), an expert with a shovel.

These grave robbers will dig beneath the gilt bronze statue at Hwangnyong Temple, the ancient tomb mural of Goguryeo tombs, and even the heart of Gangnam, Seoul without hesitation.

The light-hearted film is attracting lots of attention for bringing bright energy to viewers during this pandemic. Another highlight of the film is the entertaining chemistry between the main cast as each actor transforms into a type of character they haven’t portrayed yet in their careers. Rather than telling a dark and dangerous crime story, this film is a hopeful tale that people of all ages can easily enjoy.

The new trailer begins with a search team investigating a temple. Lee Je Hoon disguises his way in and is able to steal a figure of Buddha from the Goryeo dynasty. News of this heist makes its way around and Shin Hye Sun works to strike a deal with Lee Je Hoon.

As the team grows, they discover that something that was once thought of as a piece of junk is actually a treasure. In order to seek out the treasure, they set out on an ambitious mission to infiltrate an underground tunnel in the heart of Gangnam, Seoul.

“Collectors” premieres on November 4. Check out the movie posters here and watch the trailer with English subtitles below!

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