Hwang Jung Min And YoonA Gesture To Keep Silent In Posters For

JTBC’s new drama “Hush” released two new posters starring Hwang Jung Min and Girls’ Generation’s YoonA!

The upcoming Friday-Saturday drama is about the everyday struggles and ethical dilemmas of newspaper reporters. It will portray their problems as ones that all office workers deal with, rather than just reporters.

Hwang Jung Min takes the role of Han Joon Hyuk, a veteran reporter who’s lost his passion for the work because of the harsh reality of the industry. In contrast, YoonA plays the spirited and bold intern reporter Lee Ji Soo, and Han Joon Hyuk becomes her mentor while they work on the same team.

In the new teaser posters, Han Joon Hyuk and Lee Ji Soo each look towards the front with a finger to their lips in a shushing motion. Their gazes shine as if they’re preparing to tell the viewers something.

Han Joon Hyuk has a friendly smile along with a deep gaze that faces reality straight on. Rather than his title as a reporter, he’s become more accustomed to the title of an “expert at clickbait headlines.” However, intern reporter Lee Ji Soo will rekindle his lost passion. In her poster, Lee Ji Soo has a determined gaze as someone who doesn’t hesitate to say what needs to be said.

Han Joo Hyuk’s and Lee Ji Soo’s shushing gestures not only reflect the title of the drama, but they also raise curiosity for the realistic lives of reporters who have a lot to say but choose to stay silent because their wages and livelihood depend on it. The text written throughout both posters read, “The lives of the salaried reporters who work to make a living.”

The production team shared, “The story of reporters, who are regular employees and normal people before they are journalists, will make viewers laugh delightedly and deeply relate with them.” They continued, “Please look forward to the sensation the exciting meeting between Hwang Jung Min and YoonA will create.”

JTBC’s “Hush” will premiere on December 11 at 11 p.m. KST, following the end of “More Than Friends.”

In the meantime, watch “More Than Friends” below:

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