Watch: Ong Seong Wu Makes Shin Ye Eun Laugh By Pretending To Be A Puppy On Set Of

Ong Seong Wu’s playful instincts came out even during an emotional scene in the rain on “More than Friends”!

“More than Friends” is a romance drama about two close friends who both fall in unrequited love with each other over the course of 10 years. Shin Ye Eun plays Kyung Woo Yeon, a calligrapher who finally decides to give up on her one-sided crush after a decade of pining. Ong Seong Wu plays Lee Soo, a photographer who suddenly starts to see his friend in a different light.

On November 2, JTBC shared a behind-the-scenes video from the scene in which Lee Soo confesses his feelings to Kyung Woo Yeon in the rain. Although the scene is a serious one, Ong Seong Wu and Shin Ye Eun brighten the atmosphere on set with their antics and jokes.

During rehearsals for the scene, Shin Ye Eun says her line and waits for Ong Seong Wu to respond. When he doesn’t say anything, she looks quizzically at the director, who says, “He doesn’t have a line here.” To cover up for her mistake, Ong Seong Wu jokes, “My line is just a question mark. Like, huh?”

As the rehearsal wraps up, Ong Seong Wu says, “Wouldn’t it be better if Woo Yeon also didn’t have an umbrella?”, jokingly complaining that he will be the only one getting wet in the scene. After Shin Ye Eun practices how her character walks off in the scene, Ong Seong Wu shouts her character’s name. He then quips, “It feels like I’ve become a dog. A dog looking for his owner,” and pretends to get on all fours and skips around the park.

Their first rehearsal in the (fake) rain is a false start as Ong Seong Wu accidentally runs into Shin Ye Eun’s umbrella because he is too tall (showing the real truth behind romantic umbrella scenes in K-dramas). The director adjusts the height of her umbrella and the two actors immerse themselves in the scene, in which Lee Soo promises that he will be the one to have a one-sided love on her, just as she did for 10 years, as long as she also changes her mind and falls in love with him again in the end.

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