VIXX's N And His New Agency 51k Share Statements About Signing Of Their Exclusive Contract

51k and VIXX’s N have put out statements about the signing of their new exclusive contract.

On November 3, Jellyfish Entertainment released a statement confirming that VIXX’s N would not be renewing his contract with the agency, although he would continue to promote as part of VIXX for the group’s musical activities.

Later that day, a source from 51k confirmed that N had signed an exclusive contract with them. 51k houses actors like So Ji Sub, 2PM’s Taecyeon, Lee Seung Woo, and more.

On November 4, 51k put out an official statement about the news that included comments from N himself.

Actor and singer Cha Hak Yeon [N’s real name] has joined 51k as the newest member of our family. We are overjoyed to be working with an artist like Cha Hak Yeon, who has a wealth of potential in many areas.

He is a singer who has shown that he can be trusted as an artist and an actor who has shown great immersion and presence in his acting in various productions. We will give our full support to his acting promotions so that he can bring out his full talent and potential.

Moreover, as a longtime VIXX member who has fans all over Korea and the world, we will do our absolute best to work with Jellyfish Entertainment so that he is able to continue his work with VIXX.

Through his agency, N stated, “I have made the huge decision to take on a new challenge in a new place. From the day that I made my debut as part of VIXX to the day that I was discharged from military service, I have enjoyed every day of the past eight years, with everyone by my side for all the most important moments. Thank you and thank you. I will do my best to show how much I’ve grown the next the we meet.”

Earlier, N had taken to Instagram to handwrite a letter for fans about the news. The caption includes a translation in English, and VIXX’s Ravi (who also left Jellyfish to set up his own label but remains a part of the group) left a comment with several heart emojis.

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오늘의 기록_20201103 After due consideration and discussion with the VIXX members, I have made the decision that I will not be going forward with the renewal of my contract with the current agency and will be signing with a new agency in order to challenge myself further. I apologise for the sudden news. I wanted to deliver this directly to STARLIGHT who would have been very surprised by the news articles. The day of VIXX’s debut in 2012, the day the official fanclub STARLIGHT was established, and the first time I met Startlights at the KSPO DOME which I have always dreamed about since I was young. From the day I cried with joy with STARLIGHT after coming no.1 at KBS MusicBank, when I did my first individual fan meeting, ‘Achahakyeon,’ and until I was discharged from the military recently. A long time has passed, but I vividly remember all the moments we spent together as if it was yesterday. Even though I was never perfect, I was able to fill in the gaps and felt reassured because STARLIGHT was always there to support, laugh and cry with me. I was lucky to have met you guys as VIXX’s N and was so happy for the last 8 years. Thank you and thank you again. Although I am leaving my agency where I have spent the last 10 years, from my time as a trainee before debut, I support the individual activities of the members who have respected my decision. If the day comes when we are able to go on stage as VIXX, I will do my best to make the stage shine. I will try my best to show my development to STARLIGHT and VIXX members, who have given me strength and consolation through the happy and sad times, so that my current decision and determination will not be shameful or regretful. (Let’s fight Covid19) and until the day we meet, be healthy and well! No matter how many times I say this it will never be enough to STARLIGHT. Thank you and thank you again. From Hak-Yeon Cha.

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