Watch: MONSTA X Shares Their Fun Reaction To Cinematic

MONSTA X got together to film a reaction video for their latest music video “Love Killa“!

“Love Killa” is the title track on MONSTA X’s third full album “Fatal Love” and was released on November 2 KST.

At the start of the video, Joohoney explains that a classic reaction video shows the members watching the video, reacting to the footage (with pauses and rewinds as required), and sharing behind-the-scenes stories from filming.

The reaction gets off to a loud start when the members pause and stop to admire the very first shot of the music video, which features I.M. The members next pause to talk about Joohoney’s “I’m sorry, did I make you anxious?” line, which Minhyuk named as a “legendary scene.” Joohoney shares that he based his “Joker” homage on the Joker character from the film “The Dark Knight.”

Joohoney later returns the compliment during Minhyuk’s solo scene, commenting, “Your hands are covering your face, so why do you look so sexy?” Minhyuk quips, “The key point is the watch. It’s my personal watch.”

Shownu is mostly quiet during the reaction video, and Joohoney says, “You have to overreact in order to get more views.” Minhyuk and Kihyun talk a little about the recording of the song, with Kihyun saying that the pitch was lower than he was used to, and I.M pauses the video to mention that he likes the flash of teeth in Hyungwon’s shot when he says “love killa” (which Minhyuk then imitates). There is also a brief English lesson in which I.M and Joohoney explained the meaning of their rap lyrics (“savage, love is rare” and “it ain’t cliché”).

The members prove that they are alert to every detail of the music video, pausing the video to talk about a specific expression on Shownu’s face. I.M says, “We gave him the nickname ‘Doberman'”, and Joohoney recalls, “He bent so far back doing the choreography that we had to bend far back as well on either side.”

At the end, Joohoney shares that he likes to watch fan reaction videos to MONSTA X’s music videos and went on to encourage fans to share their reactions with them.

Check out the reaction video below!

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