Lee Jang Woo Warmly Embraces Teary-Eyed Jin Ki Joo In

KBS 2TV’s “Homemade Love Story” has unveiled a sneak peek of the upcoming episode!

“Homemade Love Story” is a drama about the various stories that take place inside the Samkwang Villa. It is a family drama centered around the villa’s owner, Lee Soon Jung (Jeon In Hwa), who welcomes everyone to her table. Lee Jang Woo stars as a detail-oriented architect named Woo Jae Hee, and Jin Ki Joo co-stars as Lee Bit Chae Woon, who has to shoulder the responsibility of taking care of her family.


Lee Bit Chae Woon shared the reason why she wanted to find her biological parents was “to see what kind of horrible people had abandoned their child.” However, deep in her heart, she yearned to be reunited with her family, and she made several attempts to find them. The combination of the failures to find her parents and the guilt she felt towards her adoptive mother Lee Soon Jung overwhelmed Lee Bit Chae Woon, and she vowed to stop her search.

However, Lee Soon Jung confessed that Kim Jung Won (Hwang Shin Hye) is her biological mother, and Lee Bit Chae Woon’s world came crashing down as the boss she admired became nothing more than a woman who stabbed her in the back.

In the new stills, Woo Jae Hee’s eyes are filled with worry as he embraces Lee Bit Chae Woon. His warm comfort breaks down her walls, and the usually strong and unyielding Lee Bit Chae Woon starts to shed tears. This scene hints that Lee Bit Chae Woon will face a heartbreaking moment in the next episode.

The drama’s production team commented, “Lee Bit Chae Woon will come face-to-face with another shocking truth. She had pushed Woo Jae Hee away all this time, but she will rely on him at her most difficult moment. Please watch to see what new secret Lee Soon Jung revealed to her and if Woo Jae Hee and Lee Bit Chae Woon will be able to rekindle their romance.”

“Homemade Love Story” airs on Saturdays and Sundays at 7:55 p.m. KST.

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