Hong Jin Young States That She Will Give Up Her Graduate Degrees After Allegations Of Plagiarism

Hong Jin Young will give up her master’s and doctoral degrees after allegations that she plagiarized parts of her master’s thesis.

Earlier this week, Kukmin Ilbo reported that Hong Jin Young’s master’s thesis from Chosun University was under suspicion of plagiarism after it was tested by an anonymous informant on the plagiarism review site Copy Killer and received a score of 74 percent.

Hong Jin Young’s agency denied the claims and released a statement from the professor in charge of reviewing her thesis. The statement said that it was typical at the time for theses to have several annotations and quoted citations and references and that Copy Killer had only come into regular use in universities around 2015. (Hong Jin Young’s thesis was reviewed in 2009.)

As the plagiarism accusations continued to spread, Hong Jin Young shared the following statement on Instagram:

Hello, this is Hong Jin Young.

First, I’d like to apologize for bringing up this unfortunate issue. I have worked hard for the past 10 years, pouring sweat and tears into my work, and am disappointed at the malicious gossip that has arisen. I’m sorry for causing so much concern. I am sincerely sorry.

I received my master’s degree after submitting a thesis in 2009. I organized my time, conferred with the professor, and did my absolute best to create the thesis. Even though it passed without a problem at the time, now people are saying that it is being judged by some percent or other, and I am disappointed and frustrated because whatever I say now will sound like an excuse.

However, I think that this is something I should take responsibility for. Now that I think about it, [a graduate degree] was something that didn’t suit me. I think I was too ambitious.

I’m sorry. Regardless of the reason, it makes me sad to think about how I’ve been caught up in this scandal. I am also self-reflecting about whether I was too ambitious in the past. I’m really sorry. I was lacking in so many ways.

I’ve decided to give up my master’s and doctoral degrees. I think that is the best thing that I can do at this moment.

All of this was due to my carelessness and mistakes. Once again, I sincerely apologize for causing people concern.

Prior to this, Hong Jin Young held a Bachelor of Commerce, Master of Trade, and Ph.D in Business Administration from Chosun University.

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