TXT Talks About 1st Impressions Of BTS, Wearing Crop Tops For

TXT dished on their latest comeback and more during a special radio appearance!

On November 8, all five members of TXT appeared as guests on the SBS Power FM radio show “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show.”

After performing their new title track “Blue Hour,” they explained that the song’s Korean title specifically mentions “5:53” because 5:53 p.m. is the time the sun sets in Seoul in October. Huening Kai added, “It’s the prettiest time [of day].”

DJ Kim Tae Gyun brought up the fact that Yeonjun, Beomgyu, and Taehyun had worn crop tops in the music video for “Blue Hour,” and Taehyun replied, “That’s right. I was embarrassed.” When Kim Tae Gyun asked why, Beomgyu humbly joked, “You need to really have abs to confidently show them off, but I think I had more stomach than muscles. So I felt a bit embarrassed.”

Kim Tae Gyun then asked if Soobin and Huening Kai didn’t yet have toned abs, and Huening Kai jokingly replied, “My tummy is really shy, so it’s hidden for right now.”

Several of the members also told the stories of how they ended up joining Big Hit Entertainment. Huening Kai explained, “I auditioned for ‘K-Pop Star,’ but I only made it through the first round. On my way home after being eliminated, I received a business card [from a talent scout] and was cast for an audition. In the end, I wound up joining Big Hit.”

Taehyun recalled, “I was contacted by a casting agent who said they’d heard about me.” Kim Tae Gyun asked, “What had they heard?” Taehyun replied with a laugh, “That my visuals were outstanding. I ended up joining the agency because that opportunity came my way.”

Meanwhile, Beomgyu responded, “My hometown is Daegu. One day, I ran to my dad’s car after school and quickly got in, but someone started pounding on the car window like crazy. It turned out to be a casting manager who asked, ‘You’re Beomgyu, right?’ That’s how I was first cast.”

Later on in the show, Kim Tae Gyun asked TXT about their first impressions of their Big Hit labelmate BTS. Taehyun recalled, “I thought to myself, ‘Wow! A celebrity!'” Huening Kai chimed in, “We’d seen them during our trainee days, but we formally introduced ourselves for the first time after our debut. After we introduced ourselves, they bought us pizza, and it was delicious. Thank you, [BTS].”

When asked if any of the BTS members had shown their support for TXT in a special way, Taehyun replied, “Before our media showcase, I had a feeling that we would definitely get a question about whether BTS had given us any advice. So I contacted J-Hope first to ask him for advice, and he texted me back with a really great message. He said, ‘No matter what the situation, don’t lose your confidence, and show them everything you’ve got.'”

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