Song Ha Yoon, Lee Jun Young, Yoon Bomi, And Gong Min Jung Discuss Their Chemistry, Characters, And More For New Rom-Com

The main cast of the new MBC drama “Please Don’t Date Him” discussed their roles, working together, and more during an online press conference.

Starring Song Ha Yoon, U-KISS’s Lee Jun Young, Gong Min Jung, and Apink’s Yoon Bomi, “Please Don’t Date Him” is a romantic comedy that revolves around the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) into daily life, and it will be produced by Oh Mi Kyung, who used to work on variety shows.

Song Ha Yoon will play Seo Ji Sung, who learns secrets from her AI refrigerator about men who should be avoided and becomes addicted to the AI program. She explained, “Seo Ji Sung is an AI developer. She’s someone who works hard at both her job and love.”

The actress continued, “I already felt confident about this drama after reading the beginning of the script. It deals with current events in a straightforward way, and the characters are also reminiscent of how women are changing nowadays, so I think this drama will be relatable.”

She went on to talk about working with Lee Jun Young, who will be Jung Gook Hee, a firefighter who is so far removed from technology that he feels totally comfortable without a smartphone. “While I was acting with Lee Jun Young, I didn’t need anyone else to help me become immersed in my acting,” Song Ha Yoon said. “I had a lot of fun filming it.”

Lee Jun Young said, “Jung Gook Hee is someone who is more old-fashioned. I hope viewers will enjoy finding out what’s happened to him.”

He mentioned that he’s thankful for Song Ha Yoon, describing her as caring and attentive. “I learned a lot from her,” Lee Jun Young said. “I filmed the drama thinking about how I need to work hard to exceed her skill level and not lose to her. I’m so fortunate to have met such a great co-star and senior. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget this [experience].”

Song Ha Yoon added, “It felt so comfortable even from our first meeting. Lee Jun Young is both serious and bright. He’s considerate as well, which made him the most comfortable co-star I’ve worked with.”

Meanwhile, Gong Min Jung will star as Tak Ki Hyun, the owner of a café for organic food. The actress said, “Tak Ki Hyun is someone who is sure and honest about her beliefs, principles, and tastes. On the other hand, she’s very sincere to the people she’s close with. She’s very lovable and charming, so I think viewers should watch for her.”

She continued, “The story and the characters of ‘Please Don’t Date Him’ are hard to see in other dramas these days. It’s appealing that our drama’s characters are so lively and that the story involves both romance and fantasy.”

Gong Min Jung mentioned her chemistry with Yoon Bomi, who plays Moon Ye Seul, the youngest of the three female friends in the story. “She’s like a younger sister that I love,” Gong Min Jung shared. “Yoon Bomi is easy-going, honest, and cute. She also does a great job becoming her character, and I learned a lot from her as she always works hard. I’ve become a fan of hers. Once, she showed me a video of her concert, and she looked so pretty.”

Gong Min Jung also described Song Ha Yoon. “I’m the same age as her, but I felt like she was so much more experienced,” Gong Min Jung said. “Song Ha Yoon is amazing, and I have a lot to learn from her.”

She added, “Yoon Bomi, Song Ha Yoon, and I got really close working together, and they’re people that I’ll keep in touch with in the future.”

Yoon Bomi talked about her character as well. “Moon Ye Seul always gets hurt because of love, but she’s very passionate and straightforward when it comes to love. She’s a charming character who always shows off her bright energy.”

She continued, “The script was so fun and new. There were also a lot of similarities and differences between Moon Ye Seul and me. I wanted to take on her character because those two sides of her were so appealing to me.”

“Please Don’t Date Him” premiered on November 10 and will air every Tuesday at 10:40 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Lee Jun Young in “Good Casting” below!

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