Update: MAMAMOO’s Agency Shares Update On Wheein’s Condition, Says She Is Being Treated For Muscle Pain

Updated November 12 KST:

MAMAMOO’s agency has shared an update on Wheein’s condition after an examination at the hospital, saying that her condition was improving after treatment for muscle pain and she would be sitting out scheduled activities today.

The statement is as follows:

Hello. This is RBW.

We are writing to share information with the fans who must be very worried after the sudden news of Wheein’s injury.

While carrying out scheduled activities, Wheein felt pain in her neck and back. She visited the hospital today and had a thorough medical examination, including an X-ray and MRI. Fortunately, the diagnosis was that she is experiencing simple muscle pain. She is currently undergoing the appropriate treatment and therefore her condition is improving.

However, since Wheein is still experiencing slight pain, we judged that we need to remain vigilant. Therefore, it was ultimately decided that Wheein will not be carrying out all her scheduled activities today, including “Dingo Killing Verse on NOW.”

Our agency will do our best so that Wheein can promote with good health, and we will inform you about whether or not she will be taking part in future activities through a further notice.

We ask for fans’ generous understanding. Thank you.

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Original Article:

MAMAMOO’s Wheein was unable to attend a radio show due to muscle pain.

On November 12, MAMAMOO’s agency RBW shared an official statement about her condition that reads as follows:

Hello, this is RBW.

MAMAMOO’s Wheein suddenly complained of muscle pain in her neck and back during her afternoon schedule on November 11, so she was absent from today’s radio appearance at MBC FM4U. She is currently being examined at the hospital.

Her future schedule will depend on the results of the test and her recovery status, and we will give an update once we figure everything out.

We ask for your understanding. Thank you.

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