Shin Hyun Joon Ruled Not Guilty In Defamation Lawsuit Filed By His Former Manager

Shin Hyun Joon has not been charged in the defamation lawsuit that his former manager, “Kim,” filed against him.

Shin Hyun Joon’s side has issued a response after a former manager alleged that the actor mistreated him.

In July, Kim Gwang Seob, Shin Hyun Joon’s former manager and the former director of Shin Hyun Joon’s current agency HJ Film, alleged in interviews that he had been mistreated by Shin Hyun Joon during their time working together. Shin Hyun Joon refuted these claims and announced potential legal action against Kim.

Kim then submitted a request to the police asking that they reinvestigate a claim that Shin Hyun Joon took Propofol illegally in 2010. In response, Shin Hyun Joon stated that he had already been investigated about the Propofol, which he had been given at a hospital during treatment for his injured back. In August, the police dismissed the request for reinvestigation because the incident had taken place before Propofol was determined a drug and also because the statute of limitations had already expired.

Both Kim and Shin Hyun Joon sued each other for defamation. On November 9, the Seoul Northern District Prosecutors’ Office handed down a verdict of “no charge” against Shin Hyun Joon in the defamation lawsuit that Kim had filed against him.

Through his legal representative, Shin Hyun Joon stated:

Hello, this is actor Shin Hyun Joon.

During a time when everyone is suffering due to the coronavirus, I’m sorry to have caused concern with these personal events.

I thought it was right to inform you that on November 9, 2020, the Seoul Northern District Prosecutors’ Office has decided that no charges will be pressed in the defamation lawsuit that Kim filed against me due to a verdict of “not guilty.”

As has already been revealed, on July 27, 2020, the Gangnam Police Station rejected Kim’s request to investigate me for allegations of Propofol use due to an inability to prove any illegal activity in the alleged incident against me.

Through these investigations, it has been revealed that Kim’s allegations about Propofol and mistreatment were all false.

The defamation lawsuit that I filed against Kim is still undergoing investigation, and we will continue our efforts to ensure that he takes legal responsibility for his false claims.

There has been much concern over the fact that I am refraining from broadcasts and public activities due to this incident, but I am using this time for serious self-reflection.

I will work so that I can return to everyone with a more mature and upright image. I will always remember the people who trusted me and cheered me on. Thank you.

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