Watch: Namgoong Min And AOA's Seolhyun Get Tangled Up In Mysterious Serial Killer Case In

tvN’s upcoming drama “Awaken” has released an intriguing new teaser!

“Awaken” is a murder mystery drama that will follow the connections between mysterious events unfolding in the present and the secrets behind an enigmatic incident that took place in a village 28 years ago. 

Namgoong Min will star in the drama as Do Jung Woo, the eccentric but brilliant team leader of a special task force at the National Police Agency, while AOA’s Seolhyun will play passionate police officer Gong Hye Won. Lee Chung Ah will also star in the drama as FBI agent Jamie, who was adopted as a young child and returns to Korea to solve the serial killer case connected to her lost memories of her childhood from 28 years ago.

The action-packed new teaser begins with the unsettling image of a young boy walking into a building set ablaze with flames, surrounded by unconscious people who have collapsed on the stairs. A man asks in voice-over, “Do gods exist? At one point in time, people called such beings gods.” Meanwhile, the young boy says, “I find myself growing curious. Whether, right now, it’s night or day.”

The video then cuts to Do Jung Woo wearing a thoughtful expression as flashes of a shocking serial killer case begin to unfold around him. A TV anchor announces, “The murderer who has been sending me advance notices of his killings has already murdered two people.” As Do Jung Woo attempts to solve the case, he is joined by Gong Hye Won, who points out, “All of the people who died are criminals.”

As the hunt for the killer continues, Do Jung Woo dryly remarks with a smirk, “It seems like I must be the criminal,” while Jamie tells an unseen individual, “The criminal in this case is you.” Do Jung Woo then ends the teaser by echoing the mysterious words of the young boy from the beginning, saying, “I’m simply curious whether, right now, it’s night or day.”

“Awaken” premieres on November 30 at 9 p.m. KST and will be available with English subtitles on Viki. Check out the new teaser below!

While you wait for the premiere of “Awaken,” watch Namgoong Min in his previous drama “Stove League” here:

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