Watch: Lee Je Hoon, Lee Sung Kyung, And Park Jung Min Star In Cinematic MV For Code Kunst, Simon Dominic, And Choi Jung Hoon Collab

Elle Korea teamed up with Code Kunst, Simon Dominic, and Choi Jung Hoon to release a star-studded music video in celebration of the magazine’s 28th anniversary!

As the first international fashion magazine to launch in Korea, Elle is celebrating their 28th anniversary with a special project called “RECONNECT.” The project began with their wish to greet and provide comfort to those enduring these hard times through a song. The single album “RECONNECT” features the song “For the gone.”

Those leading the project are producer Code Kunst and actor Park Jung Min. The song is written by Code Kunst while Park Jung Min wrote and directed the music video. Also on the song are Simon Dominic and Jannabi’s Choi Jung Hoon while actors Lee Je Hoon and Lee Sung Kyung co-star in the music video.

The cinematic music video for the track was released on November 16. It begins with Lee Je Hoon playing a police officer listening to an announcement that states, “The nighttime curfew that was originally from midnight to 4 a.m. will change to 11 p.m. to 5 a.m., extending two hours starting tomorrow. Additionally, there are plans for strong action to be taken against private clinics operating illegally.” The state of emergency also jumps from stage three to stage four.

This announcement is interrupted by a call reporting an arrest of a woman in her late twenties and Lee Je Hoon makes his way to the scene. He puts on a mask as he walks over, and all the officers are also wearing masks. His police car reads “quarantine safety.”

The woman turns out to be Lee Sung Kyung, who looks at Lee Je Hoon with a surprised expression, indicating that they know one another. She is arrested for hanging up posters and Lee Je Hoon is handed her bag. Another officer tells him, “It must be hard. Be careful.”

Once they arrive at their destination, Lee Je Hoon takes Lee Sung Kyung out of her handcuffs and she apologizes. He replies, “It’s okay. It’ll get better. That’s what I have to believe.” She responds with a smile, “Gross,” and the two head inside.

Later, Lee Je Hoon gets summoned out and Lee Sung Kyung shuts the windows as Park Jung Min watches on. Once Lee Je Hoon is gone, Park Jung Min walks in and discovers Lee Sung Kyung giving medical assistance to others. Lee Je Hoon appears with a gun, saying, “I can explain. Let’s talk outside.” Park Jung Min points his gun at Lee Sung Kyung and nonchalantly responds, “It’s cold outside. Explain yourself here.” Lee Je Hoon explains, “Everyone has something they want to protect. For me, that’s this place.”

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Watch Lee Je Hoon in “Traveler” below!

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