14 Street Style Looks From BTS’s Jin That We’re Obsessed With

If we tried to list all of the skills of BTS’s Jin, we’d be here for a long while, as with time we’ve discovered he’s truly a multi-talented human being. A quick learner, a hard-worker, amazing at playing guitar and opening snacks with his toes, a dad-joke ace, master chef, and owner of an angelic voice – it is truly an endless list of all the capabilities Kim Seok Jin can blow our minds with, and to add an extra one, he’s got a great sense of fashion.

Jin has a very unique style, which you could describe as “Prince Charming meets Soft Boy, meets Boyfriend vibes, meets Winter Runway Ready.” A lover of all things Fall and Winter, Jin has a thing for layers and a special fascination for cardigans, hoodies, long coats, oversized everything, turtlenecks, and sherpa jackets.

From high-end fashion houses like Givenchy to independent designers from all around the world, Jin always manages to put together looks that are both stylish and simple, and here are some of my absolute favorites.

Pink King

There’s one thing Jin does like no other, and that’s his virtuosity at wearing pink and rocking it like no one else could. From coats to accessories, pullovers, hoodies, shirts, and every single item you can imagine, Jin is undoubtedly the Pink King.

Oversized Vibes

This is truly Kim Seokjin in a nutshell: a simple black and white base plus an oversized printed shirt on top, accompanied by his favorite Givenchy slides and one of his favorite handbags. It’s simple yet so fashionable!

Airport Elegance

Here’s another example of how Jin loves to mix different styles in order to come up with a unique look. What could’ve been a very serious, elegant look gets a touch of urban style with the addition of a baseball cap and a sports bag. It’s a stunning look that fans around the world came together to praise, especially after Jin went to Twitter right after these photos were taken to express that he was not happy with how the outfit turned out. Don’t worry Jin, we loved it!

Denim On Demand

Below is another case of “Fashion items sold out after a K-pop idol wore it” and I totally understand why. It’s another simple look crowned with a statement denim jacket that fans took care of selling out in a matter of minutes as a sign of love for Jin’s style.

Loungewear In Style

Jin is an expert at cozy looks and this is just one of the many examples of it. As mentioned before, he’s down for everything and anything oversized, especially if they’re hoodies or pullovers, and even more so if there’s a fun texture, color, or word in it.

Ocean-Blue Fit

As a coat-lover, he always manages to find the perfect way to add colorful coats on top of an outfit in order to add some elegance to them, and here’s a good example. Most of his coats are on the pastel-palette side, and he loves to match them to whatever he’s wearing underneath as a way to come up with a full look that’s totally eye-catching.

All-Leather Forever

It’s not so often that we see Jin wearing all black, even less an all-black leather outfit. But when he does, he truly rocks it. This is without a doubt one of Jin’s most praised looks, as he decided that a leather jacket was just not enough, so leather pants were also part of the mix, gifting us an outfit that is unforgettable.

Stylish All Over

The blonde hair, the round glasses, the long jacket, the ripped jeans, the leather handbag… it’s all just a perfect mix that shows us the many sides of Jin and how he can truly pull off anything he wants.

Majestic Runway

Here’s another sublime look that turned the hallways of the airport into fashion runways. Once again, Jin chose a simple black and white base and topped it with an outstanding winter coat that’s truly what winter dreams are made of. His height, his broad shoulders, and his relaxed vibes are just the perfect fit for a piece of fashion like this one.

Top Photo Credit: Xportsnews

What’s your favorite style from Jin, Soompiers? Let us know in the comments below!

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