Lee Jae Wook Is Shaken By The Sudden Appearance Of CLC’s Eunbin In “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol”

KBS 2TV’s “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” has released new stills of Lee Jae Wook and CLC’s Eunbin!

The drama is about an energetic pianist named Goo La La (Go Ara) and an expert part-timer named Sun Woo Joon (Lee Jae Wook) who meet at a piano academy called La La Land in a small countryside village.


After their forced breakup, Goo La La and Sun Woo Joon had a tearful reunion. However, Goo La La decided to keep her distance from him because he was at a crucial moment in his life. Six months later, Goo La La left everyone scratching their heads as she held a mysterious wedding with Cha Eun Seok (Kim Joo Heon). When Sun Woo Joon heard the news, he ran to the scene and whisked Goo La La away.

In the new stills, Sun Woo Joon searches for the perfect ring to gift Goo La La. After he stole her away to the beach, the couple were able to confirm their feelings for each other once again. Although their romance has been unpredictable, Sun Woo Joon appears to be at ease as he holds up a ring to inspect it.

The following still previews a special appearance by Eunbin, who plays Jung Ga Young. She approaches Sun Woo Joon with a smile of recognition, but he coldly turns away from her. Viewers are curious about Jung Ga Young’s identity as well as how her appearance will affect Sun Woo Joon and Goo La La’s relationship.

The drama’s production team commented, “Yet another obstacle will appear in Goo La La and Sun Woo Joon’s unpredictable romance. Please look forward to finding out what kind of effect Eunbin will have on the two individuals who have unwavering confidence in each other.”

The next episode of “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” airs on November 18 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Eunbin in “Bad Papa” below:

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