LIMITLESS's A.M (Seong Hyun Woo) Writes About

LIMITLESS’s A.M (Seong Hyun Woo) has spoken up about his elimination on “Produce 101 Season 2.”

On November 18, a list of contestants who were eliminated due to manipulation was publicly revealed during the trial of appeals for the “Produce 101” series manipulation case.

A.M was listed under the affected contestants for the first round of voting in “Produce 101 Season 2.” After the news broke out, he took to his Instagram account to respond to fans’ worries.

A.M’s post reads as follows:

Hello, this is Seong Hyun Woo.

This morning, I was very confused after receiving a sudden influx of messages from many people expressing their worry and sadness.

I am once again sorry to my fans for making you worry.

I remember a time during filming where I stayed up until dawn practicing with the director of photography, desperate to give a more perfect performance and show everyone my face at least once more.

I am very saddened, just like I was back then. However, instead of focusing on my elimination, I’m satisfied that I gave this precious opportunity everything I had and I’m grateful for the growth I experienced.

I am also glad that I was able to share my final thoughts on the matter.

Instead of feeling sorry for me, I would be very thankful if you could support me as I carry on with my career in music. I am sincerely thankful for my fans who always support and think of me.

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