U-KISS’s Soohyun And Jun Hyosung Talk About His Crush On Her From Trainee Days + Why They Never Got Together

U-KISS’s Soohyun and former Secret member Jun Hyosung adorably reminisced about his past crush on her!

On November 21, Soohyun appeared as a guest on Hyosung’s MBC radio show “Dreaming Radio,” where they happily greeted each other for the first time in years. The two singers both actively promoted as idols around the same time, but as Hyosung pointed out at the beginning of the show, it had been at least five or six years since they had last seen one another.

Hyosung went on to explain to her listeners that they had known each other since before their respective debuts, commenting, “Actually, Soohyun and I trained together before we debuted.”

Soohyun then caught her off guard by candidly responding, “That’s right. I had a crush on Hyosung back then.” Hyosung initially exclaimed in shock, “What are you talking about?” to which Soohyun replied with a laugh, “We were young. What’s wrong with saying it? I can talk about it now since it’s in the past.”

Hyosung went on to admit, “I do remember it a little,” before kindly adding, “but I think our timing was off.” Soohyun made no attempt to hide his surprise as he interjected, “There was timing involved? What timing was there? Wait a second, let me think back on this. Really?”

Hyosung explained, “Our timing didn’t work out. Because when Soohyun openly expressed his feelings for me, I already had [my eye on] someone else,” leading Soohyun to hilariously cut in, “I knew it!” She continued, “Then, later on, things were already going well between Soohyun and someone else.”

She then concluded, “So we’re friends for life. It’s a huge relief that things didn’t work out between us back then. Because now we can be friends for life.” Soohyun amiably agreed, “We can keep seeing each other [as friends] for a long time.”

Do you think Hyosung and Soohyun would have made a cute couple?

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