Girls’ Generation’s Sunny Shows Off Her Home And Shares Concerns About Her Vocals With BoA

Girls’ Generation’s Sunny revealed her cozy home on the latest episode of “On and Off”!

Sunny started off her day from her bed, opening the curtains with a remote control. She moved her adjustable bed to a comfortable position and got ready to watch TV on her projector screen. She revealed that it was her dream to eat breakfast in bed while watching a show or movie in English without subtitles.

Later on in the day, Sunny’s close friend and SM Entertainment labelmate BoA came to visit. They began their date with a glass of champagne each, and Sunny shared that BoA is a heavyweight drinker.

The two artists then began to prepare a meal together. Sunny told BoA to wait on the couch and enjoy the champagne while she did all the cooking, but when BoA asked her why she took out two aprons, Sunny said, “There can be a discrepancy between the ideal and the real.” Sunny’s prediction turned out to be correct, as BoA ended up preparing the meal along with Sunny.

When Sunny added loads of salt to the stew they were making, BoA gasped and told her, “Just enjoy the natural taste of the ingredients!” Sunny told BoA to trust her, but BoA remained unconvinced. Nonetheless, BoA tasted the stew and hilariously said, “Let’s add a little more soy sauce.” She then even said, “Should we put in MSG?” which Sunny proceeded to do. When BoA tasted the MSG-added stew, her eyes grew wide with surprise and delight.

Once the meal was all ready, Sunny and BoA sat down at the table to eat. Sunny’s cellphone rang, and it turned out to be a call from YoonA, who is friends with both Sunny and BoA. In the studio, Sunny explained that YoonA, BoA, and herself had similar tastes in food and drinks.

After wrapping up the call with YoonA, Sunny asked BoA what her favorite song is out of her own songs. She picked “Only One,” explaining, “I clearly knew what kind of performance I wanted to do at the time. And I think the music fits me best.”

BoA then asked Sunny if she didn’t sing anymore, and Sunny shared her concerns about her vocals. Sunny said, “It’s always an unresolved task. I’m not sure what I like and what I should do, since I was always part of a team. In the team, I was always like the MSG in food. Producers wanted something from me that matched the team’s style, and that was an artificial kind of voice. When I sang normally, they didn’t like it, and my self-esteem fell drastically. Being told that my voice sounded bland, I wondered if what I want to do and what I can do didn’t line up.” Hearing this, BoA told Sunny that she liked her natural voice, and Sunny thanked her.

In the studio, Sunny explained, “As far as I know, I’m the only Girls’ Generation member without a solo album.”

Watch some of the highlights of the episode below!

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