Watch: YoonA And Hwang Jung Min React To A Retro Video Of Themselves In New “Hush” Teasers

A fun series of special teasers were revealed for the the upcoming Friday-Saturday drama “Hush”!

“Hush” is about the everyday struggles and ethical dilemmas of newspaper reporters. It will portray their problems as ones that all office workers deal with, rather than just reporters.

Hwang Jung Min takes the role of Han Joon Hyuk, a veteran reporter who’s lost his passion for the work because of the harsh reality of the industry. In contrast, Girls’ Generation’s YoonA plays the spirited and bold intern reporter Lee Ji Soo, and Han Joon Hyuk becomes her mentor while they work on the same team.

The first teaser begins with a ’90s-style promotional video for the newspaper company Maeil Korea. The narrator says, “In line with the new media era of the 21st century, going beyond the newspaper is digital news! Now, read Maeil Korea every morning.” Han Joon Hyuk and Lee Ji Soo then appear in VHS quality, saying, “Korea’s tomorrow is in Maeil Korea.”

The video zooms out to Han Joon Hyuk and Lee Ji Soo watching the promotional clip in a meeting room, and Han Joon Hyuk says with a skeptical face, “Is it really effective these days to promote like this?” Sounding slightly uncertain, Lee Ji Soo responds, “It’s often done like this these days.”

The second teaser begins with the same retro promotional video, but this time, Uhm Sung Han (Park Ho San), the head of the digital news department, is watching it as well. He says, “You call this a promotional video? How can I post this?” Han Joon Hyuk tells him respectfully, “Chief, this is what’s really effective these days.”

Finally, the last teaser shows the reaction of Na Sung Won (Son Byung Ho), the executive editor. With a smile, Na Sung Won says, “You did it! See, you can do it! It’s good!” and Uhm Sung Han laughs awkwardly as he pretends to agree.

“Hush” premieres on December 11 at 11 p.m. KST following the conclusion of “More Than Friends.”

In the meantime, watch “More Than Friends” below!

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