Lovelyz's Mijoo Talks About How She Became An Idol, Her Future Goals, And More

Lovelyz’s Mijoo looks stunning for Esquire!

In a recent interview with Esquire, Mijoo talked about her variety show “The Sixth Sense” and her passions as an idol. Mijoo began by sharing that she enjoys wearing comfortable clothing, such as sweatpants, leggings, t-shirts, and hoodies. She jokingly added that she might dress up more if she were dating.

On her bright and energetic personality, Mijoo shared, “I like people, and I enjoy talking to people. I can’t stand a moment of silence while conversing with someone. Since the past, I would talk without resting while conversing with fans. My fans know all about my personality. On the video clips for ‘The Sixth Sense,’ our Lovelyz fans often comment, ‘Mijoo has always been like this.'”

However, Mijoo added that she enjoys quietly watching films, variety shows, and the cartoon series “Crayon Shin-chan” as well as reading books when she’s indoors. She explained, “On vacation days, I never go outside the house. When my friends call me, they don’t even tell me to come outside. Instead they ask, ‘You’re not going to come, right?’ However, when I do go outside, I’m very energetic.”

When asked if she was interested in opening a personal Instagram account like many of her fellow members, Mijoo replied, “That I can’t do. What would I do if I perhaps, really just maybe, get caught up in my emotions in the middle of the night and take a teary selfie and post something like, ‘I made it through the day…’ I could do that impulsively. That’s why, for myself, I think I shouldn’t use Instagram.”

Furthermore, Mijoo revealed that she was a quiet student in school. She explained, “Since my dream was to become an idol since elementary school, I attended school quietly without causing even one incident.” She explained that although she had many friends, she hadn’t caused any big problems before.

Mijoo continued to share that she wanted to become an idol after dancing to TVXQ‘s “Hug” and Bada’s “V.I.P” while going on a retreat. Afterwards, she practiced quietly until she could audition in high school. Mijoo elaborated that she started off by dreaming small and took small steps, such as setting a goal to enter an entertainment company, followed by having the goal of debuting.

The idol also touched upon Lovelyz’s growing fandom. She shared, “Recently we had a video call fan signing event. Normally, a lot of male fans would come, but in this video call fan signing, there were a lot of female fans. I’m very happy because many and various people seem to be acknowledging that we’re working hard.”

Mijoo shared that the Lovelyz members tend to push members forth in their area of expertise. She explained, “When we have to be funny, I step forward. However, honestly, all our members are funny.” Mijoo added that only their leader Baby Soul kept the balance in the group.

The Lovelyz member also revealed that she had never expected to become an idol who is known for being funny on variety shows. Regarding variety programs she wants to go on, Mijoo shared, “When I was young, I often watched ‘Family Is Coming.’ I wanted try a variety program where you travel to somewhere for two days and one night to do morning wakeup missions and make food to eat.” She added that she was also interested in a program like “Running Man.”

Mijoo revealed that she has been working more passionately these days because of her efforts to be thankful and happy for each day. She added that she didn’t read online comments so that she could walk her own path and not be swayed by someone else’s words. Eventually, this allowed her to have a stronger mentality and greater self-esteem.

On the dreams she wanted to pursue next year, Mijoo shared, “My wish is to release a solo song and a solo album. That’s why every year, I just say that as my ‘goal for next year,’ and there’s not much I can do if it doesn’t happen. Besides that, I want to do a variety show where I can travel for two days and one night, and I want to partake in many pictorials where I can show an unexpected charm.” Finally, Mijoo commented that there are still many sides of her she wants to show fans in the future.

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