Pledis Entertainment Announces Plans To Step Up Intensity Of Legal Action On Malicious Comments

Pledis Entertainment announced plans to handle malicious comments regarding SEVENTEEN and NU’EST.

On November 23, the following statement was posted to the fan sites of both groups:

Hello, this is Pledis Entertainment.

We would like to thank the many fans who love and support Pledis Entertainment artists. We are here today to notify you about our response to the infringement of our artists’ rights.

We have been taking legal action against those that post slander, spread false rumors, defamation, insults, and any malicious posts of a similar nature.

Recently, there has been a surge in comments and posts found and spread on online communities, blogs, social media platforms, news articles, music streaming applications, and more that cross the line in malicious intent.

In response, we have decided to reinforce our policy of artist protection by regularly taking legal action against these malicious acts. We would like to emphasize that we will not show any leniency or consider settlements.

If you come across any malicious content aimed at our artist or artists, please be active in reporting them to us at our official channel for taking in reports.

We are always grateful for fans’ support and dedication.

We will keep working to protect our artists’ rights.

Thank you.

What are your thoughts on companies amplifying their efforts to deliver consequences to malicious commenters?

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