Eric, Yoo In Na, And Im Joo Hwan Share Favorite Lines And What To Look Out For In Second Half Of “The Spies Who Loved Me”

As MBC’s “The Spies Who Loved Me” moves into its second half, Eric, Yoo In Na, and Im Joo Hwan shared some key points that viewers should be looking out for.


In episode eight, in order to protect Kang Ah Reum (Yoo In Na), Jun Ji Hoon (Eric) teamed up with Peter (Jun Seung Bin) and Derek Hyun (Im Joo Hwan) decided to give up being an industrial spy. Meanwhile, Kang Ah Reum now holds the “key” to the whole case.

Eric picked his character’s line “Because I’m so sorry” in episode four as his favorite line in the drama. He explained, “When Kang Ah Reum asked Jun Ji Hoon why he never imagined them getting back together, that’s what he replied in a low voice. That scene showed his pure and sincere love for her.”

In episode eight, Jun Ji Hoon and Derek Hyun faced off not as Kang Ah Reum’s former and current husband but as a secret police officer and an industrial spy. Eric picked the two characters’ changing relationship as a key point for the second half of the drama. He said, “They clash every time they meet, but there’s a sort of bromance developing as they keep getting involved in strange situations together. Please tune in until the end to see the stories of the two men who love Kang Ah Reum.”

Yoo In Na shared that her favorite line was from a flashback scene in episode two. “There’s a line that goes, ‘Why did you get married? Is this your house or a storage site? When you get married, you have a duty not only to protect me, your spouse, but also to protect yourself. That’s the fair promise you made with me.’ It shows both her sadness and concern toward Jun Ji Hoon. Even though I was acting, my heart ached.” She also said that the scene in episode eight when she asked Derek Hyun about being a corporate spy was memorable. “She looked fine on the outside, but in the inside she was desperately hoping it wouldn’t be true,” she said.

As for what to look out for in the second half, Yoo In Na said that viewers should tune in to see what choices Kang Ah Reum makes after learning about Derek Hyun’s true self. she said, “I think it’ll be fun to see what choices Kang Ah Reum makes for herself, and also for Jun Ji Hoon and Derek Hyun. She will continue to play an important role in events going forward.”

Im Joo Hwan said, “All the characters are moving according to their own unique personalities. I’m having a lot of fun with the honest lines and the scenes that defy expectation. Please tune in until the very end.”

Episode nine of “The Spies Who Loved Me” aired on November 25.

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