UP10TION’s Kogyeol Tests Positive For COVID-19 After Bitto + Other Members And Agency Artists Test Negative

Updated December 1 at 5 p.m. KST:

TOP Media shared that the two staff members who were awaiting their COVID-19 testing results have both tested negative.

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Original Article:

UP10TION’s agency TOP Media released a statement revealing that Kogyeol has tested positive for COVID-19.

On November 30, UP10TION underwent COVID-19 testing after member Bitto’s test results came out positive that day. The next day, TOP Media issued the following statement:

This is TOP Media.

On November 30, after UP10TION’s Bitto tested positive for COVID-19, anyone with any possibility of contact, including all UP10TION members and the company’s employees and staff, were tested for COVID-19. Our agency’s artists who did not cross paths [with Bitto] or were not in direct contact were also tested in the case of secondary contact.

On the the morning of December 1, the test results revealed that of the UP10TION members, Kogyeol tested positive, and Kuhn, Gyujin, Hwanhee, Sunyoul, and Xiao tested negative.
Although they tested negative, the UP10TION members and their manager will self-quarantine for two weeks as they were in close contact.

Moreover, UP10TION’s stylists and hair and makeup artists all tested negative, and the agency’s employees, staff, and other artists besides UP10TION have all tested negative.
However, there are two staff members whose test results have not come out yet. If we find any problems with the results, we will take follow-up measures and begin additional contact tracing.

As UP10TION’s Kogyeol has tested positive, Kogyeol will follow the instructions of health authorities.
The agency will look into the members’ paths once more and check for any other staff members with potential risk of infection.
We will strictly abide by the preventative follow-up measures instructed by the government and do our best in maintaining sanitation to prevent COVID-19 and managing our artists.

We apologize for causing concern.

We wish Bitto and Kogyeol a quick recovery.

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