Ji Chang Wook And Kim Ji Won’s Upcoming Romance Drama Teases The Love Stories Between Its 6 Leads

KakaoTV’s upcoming original drama “Lovestruck in the City” has unveiled new character posters for its starring cast!

“Lovestruck in the City” (previously known as “City Couple’s Way of Love”) is a short-form romance drama that will follow the realistic love lives of young people fighting to survive in the hectic city. It is currently being produced with multiple seasons in mind, and the upcoming first season is entitled “My Lovable Camera Thief” (literal translation).

Ji Chang Wook will be starring in the drama as Park Jae Won, a passionate architect who had his heart stolen by a woman that he calls “the camera thief” one year ago. In his poster, he looks pensive as he thinks back on the woman who mysteriously vanished into thin air after stealing his heart in the summertime.

Park Jae Won’s response to the question “Who is the person you want to see most right now?” is “The camera thief. Where are you now, and what are you up to?”

Meanwhile, Kim Ji Won will be starring as the camera thief in question—freelance marketer Lee Eun Oh, who spontaneously decided to adopt a false identity in an unfamiliar place for fun. However, while posing as her free-spirited alter ego Yoon Sun Ah, she accidentally wound up falling in love with Park Jae Won.

Lee Eun Oh’s response to the question “What meaning does the camera hold for Lee Eun Oh?” is “A gift. One I can’t forget…?”

Kim Min Seok will be appearing in the drama as Choi Kyung Joon, an architect who is a cynical realist but also a hopeless romantic when it comes to his longtime girlfriend Seo Rin Yi (played by So Ju Yeon). His response to the question “What do you want to say to your girlfriend?” is “As long as Rin Yi is happy, I’m happy!”

However, the quirky Seo Rin Yi—who believes that being happy in the present is what matters most—seems slightly less enthusiastic about their relationship in her own poster. Her response to the question “Do you have any concerns about your boyfriend?” is “Not really. Have we gotten too used to one another?”

Finally, Ryu Kyung Soo and Han Ji Eun will be playing jaded former couple Kang Geon and Oh Sun Young. In his poster, Kang Geon responds to the question “Are you dating these days?” by proudly declaring, “Single by choice for the second year in a row.”

Meanwhile, his ex-girlfriend Han Ji Eun seems similarly fed up with romance. Her response to the question “What type of guy do you like?” is a cynical “All men are alike.”

The producers of “Lovestruck in the City” commented, “As the stories of these unique characters come together in one drama, they will bring viewers many different kinds of entertainment. From warm moments that make hearts flutter to completely realistic and relatable stories, the drama will depict every side of dating.”

They added, “Please look forward to the stories of these six characters, who will show entirely different kinds of chemistry.”

“Lovestruck in the City” will premiere on December 22 at 5 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Ji Chang Wook in “Melting Me Softly” with subtitles below!

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