Park So Dam Tests Negative For COVID-19

Park So Dam has tested negative for COVID-19.

On December 5, it was shared that a staff member at Park So Dam’s agency tested positive for COVID-19 the day before. As a result, Park So Dam was tested on the morning of December 5, and the results came out negative on December 6.

Park So Dam had been appearing in the play “Grandpa Henri and I” (also known as “The Student and Mister Henri”) since December 3. The play’s production company, The Park Company, released the statement below on December 5.

Hello. This is The Park Company, the production company behind “Grandpa Henri and I.”

An agency staff member who had come into contact with “Grandpa Henri and I” actress Park So Dam tested positive for COVID-19 on the evening of December 4. Park So Dam was tested on the morning of December 5 and is waiting for her results.

The staff member visited the venue of the play on the afternoon of December 3 with Park So Dam for a meeting. We are not expecting anyone to be further infected as we strictly followed and maintained preventative measures within the venue, but we decided that it would be necessary to stop the show for a while as a preemptive measure of prevention for everyone’s safety and will halt the show for two weeks.

We feel most apologetic to the audience who went through the trouble of repurchasing tickets due to the sudden changes in the guidelines and have been anticipating the show.

We believe there have not been any cases of infection at performance venues yet because we all worked together to abide by the prevention guidelines and transparently shared the facts.

This is a measure that is being put in place as a preemptive measure of prevention for everyone’s safety, so we ask for your kind understanding.

The “Grandpa Henri and I” team will prepare and look forward to the day we can meet the audience in good health.

On December 6, a source from Park So Dam’s agency Artist Company stated, “Park So Dam’s COVID-19 testing came out negative. She will be in self-quarantine for two weeks. Her upcoming plans will be decided after that.”

Park So Dam plays the role of Constance in “Grandpa Henri and I” along with Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri and Chae Soo BinLee Soon Jae and Shin Goo play the part of Henri.

Check out Park So Dam on the variety show “Camping Vibes“!

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