2020 MAMA Accused Of Poor Treatment Of Singers Compared To Actors, Rep Responds

The 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards (2020 MAMA) has come under fire for the way idols were treated backstage at the ceremony.

CJ ENM held the 2020 MAMA ceremony on December 6 without an audience present. Questions about the treatment of artists at the event began to spread online the next day, as it appeared that there had been a difference between what was provided behind the scenes for the actors who were presenting awards and the idols who performed and received awards.

On December 8, Dispatch released a report which described that the actors who took part in the ceremony as award presenters had been given waiting rooms and refreshments backstage. It’s reported that only two idol teams received waiting rooms, and the others waited in an outdoor parking lot. Restrooms for these artists are said to have been portable toilets outside, and some idols rented other accommodations nearby rather than have to sit in their cars.

A source who works with one idol group stated, “Most singers have bad backs. It’s very hard for them to sit for a long time in a car.” They continued, “Some singers rented separate accommodations and waited there.”

Dispatch reports that actors ate from the catering provided to them outside their waiting rooms, while idols ate food in their cars. Another source that works with idols stated, “We were told [by CJ] about how to use the building’s cafeteria. We decided it would be better to eat in the car.” They added, “We found out that there had been catering when we saw the photos uploaded by actors.”

A source from 2020 MAMA spoke with No Cut News on December 8. They stated that while it would have been good to have provided separate spaces for everyone, they had to follow regulations to prevent the spread of COVID-19. “We are a music show and there is absolutely no reason that we would treat singers [negligently],” they stated.

The outlet reports that the representative of 2020 MAMA described that the ceremony’s venue Contents World in Paju is still under construction and so there were only two buildings that could be used. The buildings were being used for the photo wall and the ceremony itself, and also there was a limit to the number of people they could have in the space.

The source stated, “The artists [singers] waited separately in their vehicles and went to the building when it was their turn. They waited in a waiting area there and then made their appearance. The presenters [actors] waited on the ‘I-LAND’ set before appearing.” They stated that it took about five minutes to get there from the “I-LAND” set by car and also said, “Catering was provided for both.”

The source went on to say that the singers and presenters had been grouped separately like this because the singers had already pre-recorded their performances and they didn’t need to rehearse at the venue or rehearse their acceptance speeches. “On the other hand, it was different for the presenters as they had not visited the venue before and so they needed to rehearse, and they also had to become familiar with the script,” the source said. “With the presenters, there were fewer people and so we were able to follow prevention regulations.”

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