10 K-Pop Idols Who Look Irresistibly Charming In A Beret

It’s no secret that berets are a staple for K-pop idols, with each one styling the classic accessory a tiny bit differently in accordance with their personal taste. Here are some idols who look so stunning in a beret they just might inspire you to try incorporating one into your next outfit!


Jisoo in a beret? Yes please. Depending on the rest of her fit, she can easily make a beret look trendy and chic or dainty and casual. The way she styled a wool beret with a wide, warm scarf for one of her airport fashion looks has us feeling all warm and cozy just looking at her.


NCT’s Doyoung

There’s something about Doyoung in a beret that feels delightfully romantic, as though he’s a fairytale prince come to sweep NCTzens right off their feet. This feeling is only further enhanced when he has on a beret that ties in the back, its ribbon tails trailing lightly behind him.


EXO’s Xiumin

Xiumin always looks oh so handsome in a beret, whether it’s his army-issued one or one that’s fit to be worn on stage. The striking houndstooth beret he wore during EXO-CBX’s “Blooming Days” era was an exceptionally great pick, rounding out his outfit in a bold way.

Apink’s Chorong

Considering how effortless Chorong makes wearing a beret look, one has to wonder if they weren’t made for her. She looks especially charming whenever she dons a beret with adorable pearlescent baubles or delicate lace detailing (the one below gives her a positively regal vibe).


ATEEZ’s Hongjoong

It’s no surprise that Hongjoong’s beret game is strong, seeing as he’s a fashion king. Everything about how he styled the below no-frills black beret, from the bold frames to the classic trench coat, makes him look like a true intellectual we’d love to philosophize with over coffee.


TWICE’s Nayeon

Though it may be easy to think of berets as more of a fall and winter piece, Nayeon fans know that she can make a beret look great year-round. Not only that, but she isn’t afraid to also tie in gorgeous statement earrings and colorful chokers to really make the look hers.



There’s no doubt that V, another fashion king, looks phenomenal in a beret no matter the color or shape. The look really feels complete whenever he adds a scarf, though, making him seem like a sophisticated Parisian artist moonlighting as a K-pop idol.



IU can and has done it all when it comes to berets, sporting just about every style under the sun, including one covered in twinkling sequins and another featuring a vibrant leopard print. And we can’t forget the fuzzy angora beret from her “Love, poem” tour, which looked particularly lovely when paired with her chunky sweater dress.


UP10TION’s Kim Woo Seok

It goes without saying that Kim Woo Seok is the prince of berets, considering he won an Idol Champ poll last year about which male idol berets suit the most. Though it’s tough to say which style of beret looks best on him, I do have a bit of a soft spot for leather ones, as they give him a hint of cool rebelliousness.

Oh My Girl’s YooA

YooA’s refined, elegant vibe makes berets a perfect fit for her. I’m still not over the crocheted one she wore during the 2019 No Smoking Festival, which was decidedly soft yet edgy when paired with her puffy-shouldered leather jacket. It gave off some major girl crush energy.


Which K-pop idols do you love to see wearing a beret? Let us know in the comments below!

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