Joo Ji Hoon Talks About How He Was Cast In

Actor Joo Ji Hoon appeared on the December 9 episode of tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block.”

On the show, Joo Ji Hoon shared that he is currently filming the upcoming drama “Mount Jiri” and the upcoming film “Silence” (working titles).

Joo Ji Hoon made his debut as a model after a family friend recommended that he try the job. He then turned to acting with his breakthrough leading role in the 2006 drama “Goong,” which was a hit in Korea and abroad.

He said, “I happened to meet the director of ‘Goong’ by chance. My manager suddenly suggested I try acting, so I did some lines right there on the spot. I didn’t know when to blink, so I ended up in tears, but I think the director thought I was very immersed in the emotions of the scene.”

He continued, “When I first started acting, I hated going to set because I would get scolded a lot. I would get cursed out and it was frightening. There were fans of the original ‘Goong’ manhwa that requested that I step down from the drama.”

Joo Ji Hoon also talked about his friendship with writer Kim Eun Hee, who wrote the hit Netflix zombie series “Kingdom,” and the actor Jung Woo Sung. Joo Ji Hoon said, “Jung Woo Sung drinks alcohol without any snacks or food. I begged him to at least make some ramyun, but he said he isn’t really interested in food. At his house, there’s only ice. There’s nothing to eat. It’s like a hotel. He’s the kind that’s always tidying up.”

The actor made the MCs laugh in surprise when he suddenly confessed that he had a touch of gout while talking about how he had turned 40 (Korean age) this year. He also talked about what he wrote down as his occupation when he traveled abroad. “I write ‘no job’ or ‘traveler’ if I’m not working on anything at the moment,” he said. “I once wrote ‘actor’ and showed them a video of something I was in. I was caught once in the United States when I blocked a one-way street and I used the movie ‘Along with the Gods’ to prove my identity.”

Asked what he had given up to pursue acting, Joo Ji Hoon said, “Not being able to date freely? I want to travel with my parents, but it’s hard to goon ordinary trips.” He added, “There are things I’ve lost, but I try to think positively about what I can do to make up for what I lack. If I had just one photo I could take with my family, I’d take a photo with my sister in the old neighborhood where my parents live.”

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